We would be the first to do one about Water.  Cool.

What kind of Music?  Ever heard Steisand’s Don’t be Afraid

  What do you like?

Dancing is FUN. Let’s have fun. I am not a very good dancer but thank goodness that has nothing to do with having fun. I may not be good at dancing but I am a champ at having fun.

Really? Flyer announcing a Flash mob? Not exactly a flash mob but look, its a city wide thing. Fun. A city that flashes together stays together? Just thinking out loud here.

This is one my favorites.  Occupy Telephone.

Time to have some fun.

2 thoughts on “FUN PAGE

    • I know Right? That song gets me in the gut every time I hear it. I have been in contact with her publicists. Who better to organize a flash mob routine around that song than Babs? I haven’t heard anything back but now you know what I do in my spare time. Write letters. I have also tried to get Robert Redford on board. He and his son have a documentary out about Water. Thanks Steve for all your tremendous support in this endeavor.

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