Define Crazy

Really Crazy

1.    Attends a Democracy school to learn how to write an ordinance.

2.   Loves singing in the rain

 3.  Tells Corporations to shut the hell up and get a life on another planet.

 4.  Makes our Right to Clean Water the Supreme Law of our Community.

 5.  Joins Flash mobs

A Little Crazy

 1.    Thinks everybody else is really crazy

 2.  Wants to do something

 3.  Can text a 150 words a minute

 4.  Artistic but not Van Goghish

 5.  Wouldn’t be caught dead in a Flash mob but knows the routine by heart.

Crazy Enough

 1.  to volunteer to gather signatures

2.  hosts a signature gathering party

   3.  invites Babs and Robert Redford to the Party

 4.  finds sponsors, is a sponsor

 5.  finds donors, is a donor

6.  makes phone calls

 7.  believes that there are enough crazy people in the world to make this happen.

 8. Knows what a Flash Mob is and isn’t afraid to admit it.

Crazy Cat Lady is Not on any of these lists

Text 150 words a minute?  Text all your friends and they text all their friends and in 2 minutes 99% of all the people in SLO  County know about the ordinance.

Artistic? How many people will see one lawn sign you make ? 10-100-1000? You know somebody that doesn’t know about this ordinance. Just mention it. Everything makes  a difference.

Can’t decide?  We have a mailing list that will keep you posted.  See something you can do   jump in anytime. Submit your own list.  Very possible I didn’t think of everything.

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