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Hi, my name is Jean’ne Blackwell


SLO Clean Water

 SLO Clean Water  was formed  at the follow-up Conversation to the Bill McKibben event at the Fremont theater November 2011 as a last will and testament to the good, sacred earth we inherited and with a promise to keep it that way as long as we live.


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Donations are tax deductible  courtesy of our Fiscal Sponsors

note the donation is for SLO Clean Water Action.

Donations by check can be made payable to Ecologistics, Inc. at 4349 Old Santa Fe Road #6, SLO, 93401 (memo on check:   SLO Clean Water Action). 

Fossil fuel extraction is an abomination and atrocity that violates every fiber of our being. 

Monies will be used to legally and lawfully prevent the grave robbers from unearthing that which was laid to rest eons ago.  As long as we have a breath of life in us, lethal injection into our precious earth will not happen on our watch and that is a promise!

Thank you!


Click on the links below to contact:

SLO County Board of Supervisors

Planning Board

Health Commission

Water Resources Advisory Committee




One thought on “Contact Info

  1. Feds to resume leasing for fracking in California

    Do you know about this? The quote below is from an article in the link at the bottom of this note.

    “The study released Thursday was conducted for the BLM by the state-created California Council on Science and Technology. It concluded the current level of fracking and other so-called well-stimulation techniques by drillers to get more oil out of rock formations did not seem to be poisoning water supplies or increasing earthquake risks in the state.”

    Carol Rowland

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