WHAT’S NEXT? Out with the old, in with the NEW. HALLELUJAH.

Our Board of Supervisors has for the past 10 years refused to comply with enforcing health and safety codes at the Arroyo Grande Oil Field. They are defying local, State and Federal Codes that mandate an approved Underground Injection Control Class I certification of toxic waste disposal wells before they start extracting and disposing of toxic waste into underground aquifers, streams and subterranean soil.  

The Board didn’t seem overly concerned about the community’s water supply that until this year was on emergency drought restrictions. Miraculously AGOF escaped the restrictions and was free to use 1.5 million gallons of fresh water a day to concoct a toxic soup for extraction of asphalt grade crude.   

This is a public comment I made to the Board of Supervisors about this issue.  

This is the shirt I wore. You state your name before you begin. Public speaking is not always fun. This time it was.   

Who am I? I am woman. Jean’ne Blackwell, Hear me roar! (That got a laugh. They thought I was kidding.)

“To summarize the complaint, FOR THE RECORD, THAT I sent to you on Sept 23, 2021, giving you one last chance to do the right thing and order a cease and desist on the unlicensed, illegal AGOF (Arroyo Grande Oil Field) operation or I was going to file a formal complaint with the Department of justice.   

YOU FAILED TO RESPOND. SO LET ME just ASK YOU for the record.  

What the heck are you doing?  You exempted Sentinel from The California Environmental Quality Act?  An act that ensures no harm will come to the environment in the pursuit of profits.  Are you confident that Sentinel is clean as a whistle and could pass the test?  Or are you sure they couldn’t and ARE saving them the expense of making an application you know they are going to fail?  

That is like a hospital saying we are not going to bother with sterilizing our equipment because it is not cost effective.  

And what is up with no public hearings on the Conditional Use Permit?  And don’t give me Covid as an excuse to forge ahead without a public hearing. You allowed the AGOF to operate without licenses and permits for years, all in violations of the conditions precedent to operation before Covid was even an issue.   

Is the reason you didn’t hold any hearings was because you knew that without the proper permits and licenses Sentinel could never legally get permission to dump poly, moly. ethyl, methyl, bad shift into our backyard?  

And don’t give me the lame excuse that an aquifer exemption is a permit exemption. One does not preclude the other. Title 40 Section 144.11 of THE Code of Federal Regulations unequivocally states that “Any underground injection, WITHOUT A PERMIT is prohibited…. The construction of any well required to have a permit is prohibited until the permit has been issued. NO PERMITS HAVE BEEN ISSUED TO THE ARROYO GRANDE OIL FIELD.  


There is a flair tower in that Conditional Use Permit. Do you think for one minute that would pass air quality control codes? You knew it wouldn’t and you didn’t care.  

You think you have a right to treat us like second-class citizens?  Listen up!   Your willful intent to allow illegal and unlawful activity at the Arroyo Grande Oil Field most assuredly jeopardized, vandalized and terrorized every aspect of our right to the peaceful and quiet enjoyment of our environment.  You are going to make it right.  

WE ARE OPERATING UNDER 2 different SET OF RULES. Rules that you opt to enforce and rules that you opt out of enforcing. Opting out is not an option.  

If a citizen tried to build a granny unit over their garage without proper permits, you are on them like a swarm of hornets.   

Yet the AGOF can build a flair tower that is going to emit toxic, climate alternating chemicals into the air without so much as a mother may I.  

A citizen dumps a can of used oil down a storm drain and there are codes that could put them behind bars but an oil company that has greased the right palms get special preferential treatment akin to royalty.   

If a citizen forgets to register their vehicle in a timely manner there is a no mercy policy and one is penalized, criminalized and car impounded in short order no questions asked.  

But a monster behemoth oil company can escape any and all registering and licensing fees and permits with the help and assistance of official governing bodies that have befriended and anointed them with special dispensations.  

Who speaks for the kids, elderly, students, business, trees, water, animals, who are all totally reliant and dependent on elected officials doing their job and doing it right enforcing water and air, health and safety codes?   


You are letting Sentinel get away with murder.  

This complaint was sent to the Department of Justice AS PROMISED citing you, the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisor, with criminal trespass on our CONSTITUTIONAL rights to be safe and secure in our environment. We are asking for your resignation pending criminal charges forthcoming”
(This got a laugh. They thought I was kidding)


note: I felt we had a right to demand their resignation for failing to do their job and keep us safe. If not us, then who? 

I did some grammar and spell changes to the original speech before I posted this.  

I wrote to all the agencies and person’s that claimed to have jurisdiction over the enforcement of Health and Safety Codes, even the ones that cited the AGOF for non-compliance, CalGEM aka DOGGER, CAL EPA.  

Facts and evidence were provided. One Department responded to our petition signed by hundreds of local residents to shut down the illegal hazardous waste disposal dumping by Sentinel in San Luis Obispo County. “It’s not our job to enforce violations of State Laws and Codes.” California State Attorney General. Really? Whose job, is it?   

I filed 3 official Grand Jury complaints citing proof and evidence that BofS failed to enforce local health and safety codes at the AGOF. No action was taken. District attorney can refuse to indict even if the Grand Jury finds cause. Hummmmm  

This was not a one woman show. This was a community voicing their concerns and demands. I had letters from 4 local municipalities and a petition with 80,000 signatures, calling for a cease and desist at the AGOF until it was proven a safe and harmless operation. Remember it is not our job to prove it is harmful.  The burden of proof is entirely on the applicant to prove it is certifiably safe and meets all safety and health standards and codes. That never happened at the AGOF. Why?  

In closing I would just like to say there are far less devastating, deadly, irreversible and irreparable disasters when safety and health codes are followed and enforced. That’s why we have them and why it is so important to enforce them. They should be called Prevention Codes. 

New SLO Board of Supervisors on the job as of Jan. 2023. About to witness what a difference one honest to goodness person can make.  

We have been couped

globalfrackdownallies] Chile: “announced a proposed new constitution written by a democratically elected convention, and it is likely the most legitimate constitution in the world, as it is written boldly in the context of the climate crisis. …. A stunning achievement.”

We are not the leader anymore. We have been coup-ed. Corporate owns America lock, stock and barrel and all the branches of our government, executive, legislative and judicial. It was a brilliant, clever, ingenious, insidious, devious coup. There were plenty of warnings of the impending coup that we systematically ignored and dismissed. Par for the course.

Since we allowed our precious freedom and rights to be abducted by a heartless, amoral, entity e.g. Exxon et al, Monsanto, Big Ag, Big Pharma, Industrial Complex, Gun lobby, Big media, Big god it now has everything it needs and wants to rule with absolute power and control. It is both fictitious which means you can’t file criminal charges against it for poisoning Mother Earth and killing every living thing in its wake because it is not a physical being even though it can live forever, in perpetuity.

And it is a real person with Constitutional rights to earn more money than god, money talks, for raping and pillaging our water, oceans, air, soil, trees, mountains, raw earth minerals because that would infringe  on its right to earn a living. Legalize murder.  It is both dead and alive and immortal all at the same time. Supercon-atural  What a feat. What a coup. So we are now the United States of America, INC.

Chile, Iceland, Costa Rica, New Zealand, India, even China is kicking our butts.   Corporate Oil, Pharma, Ag, military industrial complex, Gun lobby, Media don’t have an honest bone in its body, oh right, it doesn’t have a body so honesty is not an issue. We could be world leaders in making this a safer, healthier, cleaner world if we just teamed up with the right partner. Nature is the answer to all our problems and INC can’t kill Her fast enough.

Our leaders are making all the wrong choices for all the wrong reasons and that is going to get us deader, faster.  We, USA,INC., are using and promoting killer chemicals and industries that at least 10 other countries have officially banned because of their known, proven deadly toxicity to all living things. WE, USA,INC., are expert at killing things and have not figured out a single way to bring something back to life.  Hoisted by our own petard and the coup d’etat of the great transfer of power. Ironic isn’t it? ‘ A democratically elected convention’ formed by real people in Chile, is going to lead the way by teaming up with the most powerful force on earth that has nothing but unconditional love for Peace and Harmony as Her top Priority.  Nature will have the last say. [globalfrackdownallies] Chile: “announced a proposed new constitution written by a democratically elected convention, and it is likely the most legitimate constitution in the world, as it is written boldly in the context of the climate crisis. …. A stunning achievement.”

This week, Chile announced a proposed new constitution written by a
democratically elected convention, and it is likely the most legitimate
constitution in the world, as it is written boldly in the context of the
climate crisis. A [thread] on its inspiring climate provisions.

Please note, this thread is among the most complete translations of the
climate provisions into English yet, so* please share widely so people
know how serious this really is.*

Right wing forces are trying to undermine and delegitimize an admirable,
equitable democratic process, implying their preference for a dictator's
decree over the will of Chilean people. On Sep 4th, Chile will vote on this
Constitutional proposal, with fierce right wing opposition.

Intl solidarity is urgently needed to fend off these attacks on Chile’s
popular sovereignty.

Early sections of the constitution inscribe environmental protection,
environmental education, and the right to clean air and a healthy
environment as basic human rights. Nature is given an inherent right to
exist and other rights cannot impede that. ...

Chapter 3 covers nature and environment. It’s tremendous. It outlines
state responsibility to protect nature’s rights and guiding principles inc.
environmental justice and international solidarity. The state is mandated
to work to prevent, mitigate, & adapt to the climate crisis!

Ch. 3 has four sections. The first covers broadly defined natural commons,
which are guaranteed for present and future generations and include water,
air, the atmosphere, and underground. Ecosystem integrity is protected,
including watersheds, glaciers, permafrost, oceans, etc.

The second covers water. Chile is the only country on earth with a fully
privatized water market and it has Latin America's highest water prices.
The constitution would make water a human right equitably distributed by a
Nat'l Water Agency and a participatory governance system.

Sec. 3 establishes “absolute and exclusive domain” over all minerals &
fossil fuels. Any mining is made to consider their finite non-renewable
nature and enviro/social concerns. Glaciers, parklands, & big water bodies
are excluded from mining. Companies are made liable for harms.

The last section of Chapter 3 is especially creative. It establishes and
outlines an autonomous body to protect the legal rights of nature, building
on an Indigenous-led tradition that has been tested at smaller scales in
the US, Ecuador, and India.

The proposed Chilean constitution enshrines Indigenous sovereignty
(Article 5), official Indigenous languages (12), self-determination (34),
and representation (162). These are central pillars of its environmental
legitimacy. ...

In other sections, financial activities are made to consider the
environment. The Central Bank, state financial activities, and any creation
or change of territories to consider environmental protection as a core
part of the process. ...

The Chilean people have risen up and rejected a constitution written by
fascist generals and US ideologues. They've proposed an alternative (linked
in Spanish) that could well be the most reasonable constitution in the
world. A stunning achievement.

Let’s try something new to get to what is best for this country.

Tell Congress: Pass the Big Oil Windfall Profits Tax

In 2021 alone, Exxon Mobil, Shell, BP, and Chevron made a combined $75 billion in profits and they’re currently raking in billions more. New analysis reveals that high oil prices due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will net the U.S. upstream oil and gas industry a windfall of $37 to $126 billion (USD) in 2022 alone.

The Big Oil Windfall Profit Tax would implement a tax on all barrels of oil sold above the average Brent crude price between 2015-2019, roughly $66 a barrel. It’s estimated this could raise around $35-40 billion a year. Checks would be distributed via the same mechanism as the American Recovery Plan. A windfall profits tax on Big Oil would mean that fifty percent of those undeserved profits would be taxed at a higher rate, discouraging artificial price inflations.

Join us and urge your elected members in Congress to co-sponsor and support the Big Oil Windfall Profits Tax.

This is my letter to . Salud Carbajal and Diane Feinstein,

There is a moral imperative here. You know what it is. You know the difference between fair and unfair. Right and wrong. Big oil doesn’t know and doesn’t care. Where do you stand? A no vote on the windfall tax is a morally corrupt vote against the principles that define a society’s value and worth. Who are you really?

This is a link to the form. Write your letter. Let them know what you feel and think. It’s easy and it gives you a voice. Use it. Tell Congress: Pass the Big Oil Windfall Profits Tax https://act.priceofoil.org/sign/big-oil-windfall-profits-tax?akid=s121311..QO16-c&fbclid=IwAR3cwfz8SE_NmHU4VTWIsz7KIKmXhJAusdQQbVwbhojo5G4uu_0HCXKoh9k

I will post how Congress voted on this so you can see first hand who cares about doing the right thing for all the right reasons. And those that could care less.

World Water Day

World Water Day

Erin Brockovich and Suzanne Boothby

This is my response and comment to the article.

Here are some sobering facts about our water. And just knowing this I wonder how in the name of God we can allow injection of toxic, radioactive, forever chemicals to be disposed of in our groundwater,which is exactly what is occurring at the Arroyo Grande Oil Field by Sentinel LLC and 100’s of thousands of other injection wells across this country.

Is it allowed by exemption or exceptions to the rules? How can you make an exception or exemption to a rule that guarantees safety, health and well being? Morally, ethically you can’t. Poisoning the water supply is still poisoning no matter who does it. An exception or exemption just gives the offending party immunity from prosecution. So wtf?

If I poured arsenic down my neighbors well and all the animals and anyone that drank it died, am I liable? Or is that o.k. because I was granted special dispensation by the persons in charge of making and enforcing the law? Well, here’s another interesting fact. People are not held to the same standards and rules and regulations as corporations.

Corporations can be exempted and granted immunity from prosecution for first degree murder, manslaughter, in essence poisoning of vital resources, air, water and soil to be specific. Whereas, in the case of real persons they are held to a different much stricter and more stringent standards under criminal codes for the same offense.

A pardon from the President of the United States is the only thing that will save a sentenced person and it is based on proving they were unjustly convicted of the crime. And even then in many cases like, Leonard Peltier, even when proven innocent there is no pardon. Now that is criminal in the first degree.

Corporations on the other hand are granted an automatic pardon and afforded the privilege of just saying, aka, lying that their discharge and industrial by product is harmless and that is good enough to allow them to dump the poison until people and things start to die. That could pose a momentary set back for the producers but systematically doable. You can’t bring the animals and people back to life but all the offending party has to do to avoid prosecution is to say; “sorry my bad. I didn’t know what I was doing. It was an accident”

Our 2 tier justice system that handles real persons committing crimes against humanity and the social order one way under criminal law while at the same time handles fictitious persons differently under the quasi Administrative Rules and Regulations civil process that have automatically granted them immunity from prosecution for ‘crimes’ against humanity and the social order.

It is in fact impossible to prosecute a Corporation under Criminal law because they can not be captured and prosecuted as a person and sentenced to death or life in prison like a real person for capital crimes or any crimes for that matter. The worst that can happen to a fictitious entity that practices unsafe, unhealthy, deadly operations is a monetary settlement, you could call this capitol punishment, which really doesn’t do justice to or cure or remedy the death and destruction of lives and livelihoods that was inflicted. In civil settlements of this nature they are allowed to continue doing what they are doing which guarantees more deaths, suffering, irreparable and irreversible harm wherever they are present. Whereas real persons are removed from society, incarcerated, which removes the threat to the public and prevents them from repeating their offense. Not so with corporations who are operating under a different set of rules.

Yes, a real clear and present division and divide of how the law recognizes and values lives v capitol. 2 sets of rules with 2 different standards of moral and ethical codes of conduct. Corporations are amoral and real persons are moral centric. Which is to say morals don’t apply to the amoral class of ‘persons.’

So the law that is based on morals and principles and treats everyone the same doesn’t apply to a class of ‘persons’ that are fictitious and privileged in nature. Interesting. Questions really are; Is this system of justice sustainable and doable? Is it fair? It is right? Are these even valid questions in an amoral society? So who are we?


First, let me dedicate this newsletter in loving memory to Fred Collins who devoted his life to righting wrongs and giving a voice to the voiceless. We are carrying on Fred’s legacy and can feel his energy and divine intervention.
Thank you for blazing this trail for us Fred.  In celebration of a life devoted to caring with all his heart


Now, going to bookend the beginning and the end of this newsletter with something that hopefully will bring a smile to your lips and glide you along in anxious anticipation of the end.   

Hitting the pavement running.

2nd  BOS has been very busy ignoring our right to a healthy and safe environment and putting this entire community at risk with toxic contaminated air and water.

After 6 years and a lot of underhanded shenanigans the BOS is responding to the Center for Biological Diversity’s appeal.  All this comes to a head on Tues, Oct. 19 BOS, in person, wear masks, meeting, 9 am in chambers @ 1055 Monterey, SLO. I will attach CBD’s talking points below to keep this as short and sweet as possible. This is a recent victory for CBD and is a BIG Deal.  THIS IS GREAT MOMENTUM GOING FORWARD.  We can do Great.  https://biologicaldiversity.org/w/news/press-releases/california-oil-industry-lobby-group-files-for-bankruptcy-2021-09-08/

If anyone has 3 minutes they could donate to my 3 minutes I could enter into the record a compliant that I filed with the Department of Justice calling out our Board for civil right violations.  Just another level of criminal activity by our BOS.  If I talk real fast and don’t breathe it is 5:42.   Just fill out a speaker sheet on Tuesday and give it to the Clerk and before Tuesday email me you are donating your 3 minutes to me so I can reference it when I am called or if you are called first can pass it onto me when I am called. Thank you.  Just need one.  I can do a cliff note version no worries.  Between CBD and citizen action we got this Board between a rock and a hard place.  

4th Statewide ballot proposition for November 2022. Please pass this on to any other groups or organizations you know so they can pass it onto their members.

This is a first for me. Never put out a DO NOT SIGN THIS PETITION ALERT. So here it is.  It is the ultimate WATER grab that puts a national organization in charge of our water and can override our local and state agencies. I don’t think so. This is toxic legislation. Don’t sign. If they don’t get enough signatures it will not be on the ballot. The Water Infrastructure Funding Act of 2022

It is a proposition for the Nov 2022 ballot and from the same people who brought us the recent recall + Poseidon and the Resnicks, who murdered hundreds of native Paso oaks  (Fiji Water, Pom, etc) without so much as a mother may I.  Resnicks very cozy with the PAC. Guilt by association. Oh yea.

Petitioners are well funded so the signature gatherers will be paid per signature.

The name of the proposition: The Water Infrastructure Funding Act of 2022   DO NOT SIGN.

And finally, I was driving to Trader Joes in SLO yesterday and Bob Banner popped into my head as I passed by Creekside mobile home park.  And it just so happens 9 years ago today Oct 12, 2012 we held a Democracy School at the Creekside Club House courtesy of Bob Banner who donated the space. Bob was a very integral part of this community. I miss his presence.  The park must have some of his residual energy. He is living in Oregon. Making a difference in his new community I am sure.  Join me in sending him best wishes and an avalanche of supercalifragilisticexpialidocious  ideas.
and finally, Join me in sending Love and healing Light to Jules London.

As promised a happy ending. Keep smiling. Have fun.

So much love.



UPDATE: Marking the 6 year anniversary of a community committed to protecting and safeguarding its water and air for itself and future generations.

to boardofsups@co.slo.ca.us

To the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors:

  In every case of irreversible and irreparable harm, damage and suffering perpetrated on a trusting and obedient constituency there is an elected official governing body willfully and with intent refusing to enforce and uphold local, State or Federal Safety and Health rules, laws, regulations and Codes.

  In every case where the public’s trust has been breached by elected officials who refuse to hold certain ‘preferential’ businesses to Health and Safety codes that guarantee the prevention of undue harm, death and suffering on the general public at large, there is a public elected governing body allowing it to happen by refusing to do their job of upholding and enforcing Safety and Health Codes, rules and regulations on behalf of those they have vowed to protect.

  In every case where constituent’s voices are silenced, ignored, dismissed and thereby relegated to second class citizen status there is a governing body trespassing on our unalienable and Constitutional right to be heard, recognized and respected as persons with inherent, intrinsic value and worth entitled to equal protection and justice under the law. We know we have rights.

In every case of these most violent transgressions of willful abuse of power by refusing to enforce compliance with Health and Safety Codes mandated by Law in regards to the Arroyo Grande Oil Field, owner operator Sentinel Peak Resources LLC, we the people of San Luis Obispo County are holding you, the San Luis Obispo County lead agency directly responsible for endangering the lives and livelihoods of children, elderly, students, agriculture, retail businesses and all living sentient beings that are absolutely dependent on a clean, safe, unencumbered  healthy access to water and air that most assuredly is being compromised, jeopardized, vandalized and terrorized by your willful intent to allow illegal and unlawful activity to transpire at the AGOF. 

We can cite many transgressions that can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you are in violation of enforcement of those Health and Safety Codes that guarantee our safety and well being and therefore must in good faith take it upon ourselves to alert the proper authorities for our own safety and well being.

So please regard this as your third and final notice to bring the AGOF into compliance with:

         1) Code of Federal Regulations Title 40 section 144.11 et al Class I Underground Injection Control per RCRA disposal of toxic waste into earthquake fault zones relative to eleven plus wells cited by Federal and State EPA as non compliant and which an aquifer exemption does not preclude compliance and

           2) State compliance with the plugging and securing of 40 plus abandon wells at the AGOF which jeopardizes the safety of our ground water with contamination of toxic uncontrolled, unknown, unregulated, chemical substances and puts the burden of compliance on the county at a cost of up to one million dollars per well that we as a community did not agree or sign onto and

           3) The failure of the Governing Board and lead Agency, the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors, to hold public hearings on the Conditional Use permit for the AGOF and

           4) Thereby allowing Sentinel Peak Resources, LLC to operate within our boundaries without any input from those that will be directly impacted physically, financially and
constitutionally constitutes fraudulent criminal trespass by elected officials on our Constitutional human right to be safe and secure in our living environment.

           5) Finally we regard the moral and ethical assault on our well being by this Board of Supervisors to be an act that gravely violates the sentiment and accepted standards of this community.  We regard the Board’s conduct to be contrary to this community’s standards of justice, honesty, and good morals. Crimes involving moral turpitude have an inherent quality of baseness, vileness, and depravity with respect to a person’s duty to another or to society in general.

  So in conclusion please be advised that you have until Monday October 18, 2021 to rectify these transgressions by notifying Sentinel to cease and desist operations until and when they have met and satisfied all local, State and Federal Safety and Health Codes.   You have had at the very least 6 years to do your job that honors and respects those you have been put in charge of protecting with enforcement of Health and Safety codes that ensure and guarantee our well being.

  Your intent to honor this rightful and legal demand within that time frame would be appreciated if, however, you choose otherwise then on October 19, 2021 this demand will be forwarded to the Department of Justice as a formal complaint against the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors.  And we will be asking for your resignation in lieu of criminal charges forthcoming.
  Thank you,
Jean’ne Blackwell
resident/ constituent/concerned citizen
September 23, 2021

Newsletter#81: Six years later. Arroyo Grande Oil Field still in contempt and harboring criminal activity. Follow up on Newsletter #36 posted Aug. 25, 2015.

SLO County approved dozens of illegal oil wells at Arroyo Grande facility, group alleges


UPDATED AUGUST 23, 2021 04:38 PM

For six years, San Luis Obispo County resident Natalie Risner says she trusted the government to do the right thing.

She trusted county and state officials to follow the law and stay true to their word that no new oil wells would be drilled at the Arroyo Grande oil field off Price Canyon Road until proper permits were administered and environmental review was conducted.

“I‘m trusting that the state and the county are not going to allow someone to operate in a dangerous or destructive or possibly, you know, contaminating way in our county,” said Risner, who lives near the oil field. “And so to find out that they’re not doing their job is really hard to take.”

But according to an environmental group, that’s what is happening. It says illegal drilling has occurred for years under an expired permit by an oil company that took advantage of confusing language about what qualifies as “new” vs. “replacement” wells.

Since 2017, Sentinel Peak Resources, which operates the wells at the Arroyo Grande oil field, has received approval from the San Luis Obispo County Planning Commission and California Geologic Energy Management Division (CalGEM) officials to drill at least 37 new wells, 21 of which already are in operation, according to records obtained by the Center for Biological Diversity, a nonprofit watchdog environmental group.

As recently as March, the county approved 14 of those 37new wells at the facility, according to the records.

However, the Center says those approvals were improper and illegal because the permit authorizing new oil wells on the property expired in 2015, it alleges in a letter to county officials Monday.

Steve McMasters, a supervising planner at the county who has overseen the operations at the Arroyo Grande oil field, said the county planning department has been approving the wells because they simply replace old wells that are not functioning anymore.

Additionally, McMasters said the replacement wells are within the existing footprint of the already-graded land — therefore not causing any further land disturbance.

“Certainly, the top hole location is definitely very different in some cases. But again, you’re drilling a well on an existing well pad where there’s other existing wellheads,” he said. “For us to determine it’s a replacement, really the bottom hole, where they’re pulling the oil out of, is more important than where the top hole is, just because there’s so many pads options available out there. You know, from a use perspective, that entire area has essentially been approved for oilfield use.”

The Tribune reached out to Sentinel for comment but did not hear back before publication.

“CalGEM coordinated with the County to ensure that CalGEM’s approvals were consistent with local land use approvals,” wrote California Oil & Gas Supervisor Udak-Joe Ntuk, head of CalGEM, in an email to The Tribune.

The now-expired “conditional use permit, ” which dates back to 2005, allowed for 130 total wells to be drilled on the property, including 95 production wells, 30 injection wells and five water disposal wells. As of 2015, when the permit’s sunset clause went into effect, 63 production wells, 31 injection wells and five water disposal wells were drilled on the property, for a total of 99 wells.

Freeport McMoRan, which owned the oil-drilling operation at the time, applied for an extension to its permit to drill the remaining 31 wells by 2018. The county approved that extension request, but it was quickly appealed by the Center for Biological Diversity out of environmental concerns — therefore halting any construction of new wells until the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors could hear the appeal.

Six years later, the Board of Supervisors is finally set to hear the appeal on Oct. 19.

Within that time frame, however, the oil field has been far from quiet.

The actively-pumping oil well, “17-6SPL R,” is a “replacement well” to replace well “17-6SPL,” which was supposedly plugged and abandoned, according to data from CalGEM. The county approved this well in January 2018. Directly adjacent to it, in the foreground, a new well, “17-5SPM R” was approved by the county for construction in March 2021. Laura Dickinson LDICKINSON@THETRIBUNENEWS.COM


The Arroyo Grande oil well operation changed hands in 2017 after Sentinel Peak Resources, a Denver-based energy company, bought the field in early 2017 for $592 million in cash upfront. A news release at the time said the company would pay an additional $150 million over the subsequent three years if the price of crude oil averaged $70 per barrel or higher.

Since 2017, Sentinel applied for and county and state officials approved an additional 37 wells (15 production and 22 injection) on the property, bringing the total up to 136 approved wells — exceeding the original permit’s limit — according to the records obtained by the Center.

Sentinel had not applied for a new conditional use permit to build those wells, nor did it conduct an additional environmental review on the impacts the additional wells could have on the property, according to the Center’s records.

“What we’re seeing here is that through this replacement well process, they’ve really just blown through and maxed out the wells that were allowed under the 2005 permit,” said Liz Jones, a staff attorney with the Center. “So at this point, legally, Sentinel can’t get approval for more wells without that new permit and environmental review.”

It seems what exactly the state and county were approving differed — new vs. replacement — according to the language used by Sentinel in its applications, the records show.

Since 2017, Sentinel has requested “new drill” permits from CalGEM for each new well it wished to “re-drill” on the property, according to CalGEM documents.

CalGEM then improperly approved those permits without checking to see if Sentinel was operating on a valid permit that would have allowed them to drill new wells on the property, the Center alleges.

“The County of San Luis Obispo has determined that re-drills of existing wells are covered under the most recent and current conditional use permit,” according to documents obtained by the Center.

Once it received approval from the state for those “new drill” permits, Sentinel submitted permit requests to the county planning commission for “replacement wells.”

“Replacement wells are necessary to maintain existing oil field operations by abandoning a failed well and drilling a new well to take its place in approximately the same location,” according to Sentinel’s notice-to-proceed applications submitted to the county and obtained by the Center. “Replacement wells do not result in any additional land surface disturbance; cause no appreciable increase in environmental impacts; do not increase overall well count; and do not result in any significant change to the utilization of the resource.”

Under state law, an oil drilling operator must apply for “new drill” permits to drill new wells. If it wishes to re-drill a well, it must apply for a rework permit, according to state law.

There is no such thing as a “replacement well” under state or county law.


Regardless of whether the newly permitted wells are “re-drills” or “replacement wells,” most have been constructed or are set to be constructed in completely different areas on the Arroyo Grande property than the wells they are purportedly replacing, according to the Center and analysis of CalGEM records by The Tribune.

Additionally, some of the old wells are still actively pumping oil, while their replacements are also pumping oil, according to CalGEM records.

For example, “9L,” an oil well that initially began pumping oil in 1987 sits about 120 feet away from “9L R,” a “replacement well” also currently pumping oil that was approved by the county on Sept. 16, 2019, to be built.

Another well, “17H-2,” was deemed idle by CalGEM in December 2020. “17H-2 R,” its “replacement well,” was approved by the county on March 10 of this year — it has yet to be built but will sit about one-fifth of a mile away from “17H-2.”

About 12 pairs of these wells — the old wells and their replacements — are located many feet away from each other, according to an analysis by The Tribune.

Many wells have been plugged and abandoned, a common practice at the end of an oil well’s life, while their replacements have been constructed either several feet away or in the same footprint, according to the CalGEM records.

“The semantic sleight of hand employed by Sentinel and the County with regard to ‘re-drilling’ and ‘replacement wells’ appears to be designed to mask a clear legal violation,” the Center wrote in its letter to county officials Monday. “Nothing in Sentinel’s CUP (conditional use permit), Phase IV EIR (environmental impact review for the conditional use permit), or state or county regulations allows continued expansion of an oil field without CUP authorization and environmental review under the CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act), yet this is exactly what has occurred during the pendency of this appeal.”

The Center further alleges that Sentinel is exploiting “an unlawful ‘replacement well’ loophole to continue to drill wells in the Arroyo Grande oil field without the proper permits or environmental review.”

McMasters from the county said the planning department concluded that approving the replacement wells is similar “to other authorized facilities” at the Arroyo Grande oil field.

“For instance, if there’s a wellhead that is no longer functioning, let alone the downhole part of it — that’s typically, those sorts of things are replaced on a regular basis, as needed,” he said. “As you would expect with any industrial facility, we don’t really want to destroy facilities for not replacing or upgrading facilities.”

McMasters said that in order for the approved wells to be considered replacement wells, they have to be “tapping into the same area” even though the “top of the well, where it’s being drilled, doesn’t necessarily have to be in the same location as the old well.”

There are “a lot of well pads already out there,” McMasters said, so there wouldn’t be additional trees being cut down or paths being cleared for new wells.

Jones, the staff attorney at the Center, said the actions by the state, county and Sentinel are “very troubling.”

“This replacement law concept is completely made up,” she said. “Plugging and abandoning a well is a legal requirement for every well that gets permitted. So it’s really absurd to say that if an operator fulfills its legal obligation by plugging and abandoning a well, then it’s somehow entitled to drill another well without further review.

“If this were the case, by this logic operators could just drill an infinite number of wells without any further review as long as they were plugging and abandoning the wells along the way.”

McMasters noted that the resource Sentinel is tapping into is limited, so they cannot drill unlimited wells there. Each replacement well simply ensures it can keep tapping into the resource while the old wells are put out of service, he said.

Here, oil well “18M R” pumps at the Arroyo Grande oil field. This well supposedly “replaced” oil well “18M,” and was approved by the county in January 2018. Another new well, “13 R,” was approved by the county in March 2021 to be constructed directly to the left of “18M R.” Laura Dickinson LDICKINSON@THETRIBUNENEWS.COM


Beyond the alleged violations of state and county law carried out by Sentinel, Jones and locals say the addition of 37 new wells on the property since 2017 could be incredibly detrimental to the environment.

Most concerning is the number of injection wells approved by the state and county for the property, according to the Center.

Sentinel has received approval to drill 22 new injection wells at the site since 2017, bringing the total of that type of wellup to 53, a marked difference from the 30 originally approved for construction in the conditional use permit that expired in 2015, according to the Center’s records.

Injection wells shoot hot steam into an oil reservoir underground, which thins the oil and makes it easier to draw up from the ground.

According to the environmental impact review conducted for the 2005 conditional use permit, “well drilling, workover, re-drilling or steam injection activities could experience a well blow-out resulting in the uncontrolled release of fluids and possibly explosion and fire.”

To prevent these oil spills or explosions from happening, Sentinel is required to use “adequate blowout prevention equipment” for each well, which it appears to have done, according to CalGEM records.

Additionally, the injection wells impact groundwater in the area.

In 2019, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency exempted portions of the aquifer that lies beneath Sentinel’s oil wells from the Safe Water Drinking Act.

This was granted largely because the portions of the aquifer where Sentinel plans to inject wastewater underground are not currently used for drinking water and will not be able to be used as such in the future because it contains “commercially producible quantities of hydrocarbons.”

Recent research has found that “people living near drilling sites have a higher risk for developing cancer, increased asthma attacks, higher hospitalization rates and more upper respiratory problems and rashes,” according to the Center.

Residents such as Natalie Risner, who lives close to the Arroyo Grande oil field, worry about their water and air quality deteriorating because of the expanding oil field.

“It’s really sad and upsetting and it makes me worry about my well, it makes me worry about the water in our neighborhood. It makes me worry about the air quality,” Risner said. “And, everything, all the environmental factors that are not being reviewed before taking action on this. It sounds like pretty neglectful action.”

Risner spearheaded the creation of the local grassroots organization, Protect Price Canyon, which advocated against oil field expansion beginning back in 2015.

The advocacy action from the group largely died off after Measure G — a proposed measure that would have banned fracking and new fossil fuel extraction in parts of the county — failed in the 2018 election, and after the Center’s appeal to Freeport McMoRan’s extension request to drill the 31 oil wells supposedly halted any new development at the oil field.

“It’s, you know, not my job to regulate the oil company,” Risner said. “It’s not right for constituents to have to be the ones that are being the watchdog.”

The exact impacts the oil field may be having on the environment aren’t completely clear, given the last environmental impact report was finalized in 2004, said Mary Ciesinski, executive director of ECOSLO, the Environmental Center of San Luis Obispo.

“Sentinel seems to be riding the coattails of that 2004 permit without taking into account more recent information that we know now,” Ciesinski said. “There’s new information in the past 15 years about natural resource conservation, about climate change impacts, and all of that should be taken into consideration before new oil drilling or steam injection or the other production wells, water disposal wells before all of those are being allowed.”

At the Board of Supervisor’s Oct. 19 meeting, the Center is asking the county to halt the illegal drilling activities and deny the extension request to build the 31 wells.

s Mackenzie Shuman primarily writes about Cal Poly, SLO County education and the environment for The Tribune. She’s originally from Monument, Colorado, and graduated from Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication in May 2020. When not writing, Mackenzie spends time outside hiking, running and rock climbing

***** And this is not the half of it. We are in the worst drought in our history and the AGOF is using 1.5 million gallons of fresh water to create a toxic soup they will use to inject into the earth to extract crude that produces an even more toxic concoction of chemicals that they then illegally dispose of god knows where into subterranean soil in our back yard. There is no record of the disposal sites (out of site out of mind) because there is no permit to trace the activity.

And the uncapped wells, lord knows how many there are, are going to be SLO county’s responsibility if Sentinel decides to bolt leaving us with a debt we as taxpayers did not sign onto. It was the Board’s responsibility as lead agency to require Sentinel to plug the abandon wells, as well as get UIC certified Class I injection well permits for the 11 Injection wells before Sentinel drilled for one drop of crude. Unlicensed wells put tons of toxic waste into our aquifer and ground water putting the entire community at risk of irreversible and irreparable harm to its water sources. You can’t un poison a well.

The Board ignores and flips off any action to rectify the activity and bring Sentinel into compliance with health and safety codes. So out of desperation and in an attempt to get the Board to pay attention to their duty and responsibilities I filed a formal complaint with the Grand Jury citing all the irregularities and inconsistencies plus a few more mentioned above. There is no guarantee the Grand Jury will take up the complaint. But I pray for the sake of our safety, health and well being that they do investigate. Our lives and livelihood depend on it. And there are many other municipalities in this State dealing with exactly the same issues of non responsive officials who could also benefit with a new way to get elected officials to pay attention and do their jobs and do it right or else. And the or else is there are consequences for not doing their job to keep us safe. Consequences for criminal trespass on our rights to be safe and child endangerment to name a few can result in removable from office and jail time. What the Board is doing or better yet not doing is criminal.

This is the link to Newsletter #36 https://slocleanwateraction.wordpress.com/2015/08/25/newsletter-36-newsflash-doggr-hearing-on-arroyo-grande-aquifer-exemptions/

******** JB

Newsletter#80 2020 is a wrap

For openers here is some Christmas cheer. Word is that this year poinsettias make people happy. So I am going to shower you with some happy and hopefully you will be very happy by the end of this newsletter.

Words of wisdom.
The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”
—Dan Millman
“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the

existing model obsolete.” —Buckminster Fuller

This is our mantra going forward

Thank you for participating in the Sentinel Environmental award. We did get nominated and an honorable mention. Presentation Thursday, December 10th at 7 pm.

The four recipients of the 2020 Community Sentinel Award for Environmental Stewardship were Edith Abeyta of North

Braddock, Pennsylvania, Yvette Arellano of Houston, Texas, and Brenda Jo “BJ” McManama of Fairmont, West Virginia.

During the ceremony, they will also recognize 29 other spectacular individuals who were nominated for this award.

Good job people. You Got SLO on the map and in very good company of like minded, caring community activist. We can help each other. So thank you very much. Here’s a link if you want to attend it’s a pay as you can. https://www.fractracker.org/sentinels Thank you.

Update Grand Jury complaint: The Grand Jury is passing the complaint onto the new Jury taking charge in January. The complaint ended up being 163 pages with all the bells and whistles. I suspect it was too much for them to handle before their term expired. I did try to keep it simple and straight forward. But never mind. We have waited this long and since this is about abandoning the old way of doing things and introducing a brand new way of doing business with our elected officials – New year. New way. New Perfect.

Important: Call to Action. The Board of Supervisors needs to hear from us about a renewal on a moratorium on sewage sludge. Sludge is nasty stuff. Poop. David Broadwater and

Holly Sletterland has been Championing this cause for 23 years. And here’s the deal. NOTICE: Sewage Sludge Land Application Ordinance
SLO County Board of Supervisors

Agenda Item: Extend Ordinance until 2026

On December 15th, the SLO County Board of Supervisors will conduct a public hearing and vote on whether to extend the current interim moratorium ordinance on sewage sludge land application until March 31, 2026. Our position is we want the moratorium extended on no uncertain terms.

Contact the Board Clerk and/or your supe with your comment. Contact info below. You can text, email or leave a 3-minute message that will be played aloud at the meeting. COOL.

This ordinance has been successfully protecting SLO County’s ground and surface water, soil, air. food, agricultural viability, public health and wildlife since 2004, when our county took control over sewage sludge land application from the Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board due to the inadequacy of its oversight and permission of land application of excessively polluted sewage sludge.

“Numerous State and local agencies, as well as private citizens, non-profit agencies and other interested parties were involved in the development of the original ordinance. And to make this even more relevant and critical to our safety and wellbeing consider… we are in Covid Mode….

If a few droplets from an infected person can expose you to covid imagine what poop on your food could do. We are talking about sewage contaminated with covid and spreading it on food crops that end up on our table. It also is a runoff issue that ends up in the creeks and water supply. This Board needs to feel your disgust and disdain about spreading covid with sewage sludge and therefore extend the moratorium. Click links.

https://www.slocounty.ca.gov/Departments/Board-of- Supervisors/Board-Meetings,-Agendas-and-Minutes.aspx Board Meetings, Agendas and Minutes check back on Wednesday to see what agenda item # it is to put on your submission.

BofS & Clerk Email Addresses: ad_board_clerk@co.slo.ca.us, darnold@co.slo.ca.us, jpescho ng@co.slo.ca.us, bgibson@co.slo.ca.us, lcompton@co.slo.ca.u s

This is what we are dealing with.

Despite over 600 emails and calls to the Board opposing raising the campaign financing amount from $4700 to $25,000 the Board passed it while intentionally dismissing and ignoring the fact that the 3rd district was not represented. Good example of very poor leadership and dishonorable and shameful behavior by elected officials. They could have postponed the vote until the vacancy was

filled but instead didn’t care if all the voters in the 3rd district were MIA.

Governor Newsom appointed Dawn Ortiz-Legg as 3rd district interim but not in time to get in on the vote. So just a heads up on what we are dealing with with this Board. Please let them know how you feel about extending the moratorium on the poop ordinance. Give the Board your 2 cents. It’s worth it.

Thank you.

And, lastly Brittany local wonder woman filmmaker,
Where there once was water, photographer, farmer had a

brain storm. As a fundraising idea she put her photos on facemasks. So if you would like something unique and original here is the link https://www.redbubble.com/people/brittanyapp/shop. You could frame them after the pandemic is over. They are works of art. I got the dahlia. I thougth it was a lotus either way it is beautiful.

Well, That’s it for 2020 friends. Are you Happy yet? Just in case, here is a big beautiful 2020 sendoff.

And a big warm and cozy 2021 welcome to Peace on Earth

So much Love my friends

Newsletter #75 this is a wrap for 2020- We done good -real good

Brief history of SLO Clean Water May help with the form at the bottom.

SLO Clean Water was conceived at a Transition Town following up meeting to act on a Bill McKibbon’s lecture Oct 7, 2011 at the Fremont theatre in San Luis Obispo.

From there we held a CELDF democracy school and drafted a Community Bill of Rights ordinance.  

Went on to host an overflow Town Hall meeting with Pennsylvania CELDF leaders, activists from Santa Barbara, Hua Native American, and newly formed local SLO CLEAN ENERGY GROUP organizing alternative clean energy sources.

Petition drives gathering over 85,000 signatures from local municipalities and environmental groups to ban fracking in SLO County which we presented to the Board of Supervisors.   May 20, 2014

Cuesta College and Cal Poly Students formed Students Against Fracking and collected signatures and made their first ever presentation to the Board of Supervisors

SLO Community boarded buses and marched on Sacramento and Oakland on 3 separate occasions calling on Governor Brown to ban Fracking.

Co hosted and coordinated Josh Fox presentation – Calvin Tillman – court attendance for Center for Biological diversity lawsuit against Board of Supervisors.

Organized community attendance for hearings on Aquifer exemption –

Teamed up with Santa Barbara and Monterey communities to pass local ban on fracking.

Organized signature gathering to ban fracking and delivered to State Representatives Monning, Katcho Achadjian, Federal representatives Salud Carbajal, Lois Capps, State Attorney General Becerra, DOGGR and State Water Resource Board.

Hugs and Kisses fundraiser to file legal complaint against Board of Supervisors.  July 2018

And most recently filed a complaint with the Grand Jury against the Board of Supervisors for failure to enforce conditions precedent to issuance of permit to drill at the AGOF. Oct. 2020 


We know first hand from dealing with Covid what can happen to the economic well being of a community when health issues threaten to adversely affect the entire community.

SLO is a destination spot. Agriculture and tourism are 2 of its greatest sources of income. Contaminated water from fracking chemicals and suffocating air emissions from flair towers and leaking wells can shut us down.

Hopefully this complaint will be a wake call to elected officials who have a history of ignoring and dismissing complaints from citizens. Today we are acting in a manner that has legal consequences and that is the difference this time around.

If the Board refuses to comply with demand to get mandated licenses and certification immediately from Sentinel the Board will face a Grand Jury indictment. I like the sound of that. And……

Now, for something that is just a little hard for me but here goes. I need to ask you to please vote/nominate me for Community Sentinel (ironic) Award for Environmental Stewardship.

Reason is that an award of this caliber will generate attention to our community and will highlight solutions that demonstrate and empower/encourage other communities to do the same.

New ways of dealing with local officials and getting results is always good to know.  We have done a lot. This would be strokes for the whole community. Getting a lot of other like minded people together is always good for the cause. 

Well, somebody has to do it.  You’re welcome. That is me trying to be cool with kind of an awkward moment. Boy I could never be a politician.and ask for votes. The tip jar did make me a little braver.

Thank you friends.   Deadline: Friday Oct. 23, 2020. Sorry for the short notice but just got this myself.

Will take about 15 minutes to fill out the form and you do not have to ‘attend’ to submit the nomination.  Thank you very much.

Reason why we are doing the Grand Jury thing.

We do not want to be another Flint, Michigan, Refuggio, Aliso Canyon, Chevron Refinery disaster,  Richmond, CA   Nipomo Dunes disaster where 12 million gallons of diluent was slowly released over a 35 year period into the dunes, beach, groundwater, and Pacific Ocean. Industry was self regulated back then and still is. So reoccurrence of wrongdoing is inevitable unless we do something about it. Doing something is holding our elected officials accountable tor allowing unlicensed operators to dump toxic hazardous waste in our backyard and making sure there are consequences for wrongdoing.

In every single case where safety and health codes were ignored it ended in a disaster.  Prevention is the cure.

I have also included a draft of the Grand Jury complaint. Couldn’t wait till it was perfect to send. May need a nice glass of wine to get through it.  Oh my goodness I have sweated blood over this thing and I am so so so grateful and relieved it’s done. The moose is up. (Fawlty Towers)

Did you know……

A grand jury is a jury – a group of citizens – empowered by law to conduct legal proceedings and investigate potential criminal conduct, and determine whether criminal charges should be brought. A grand jury may subpoena physical evidence or a person to testify.

A grand jury is separate from the courts, which do not preside over its functioning. The function of a grand jury is to accuse persons who may be guilty of a crime, but the institution is also a shield against unfounded and oppressive prosecution. It is a means for lay citizens, representative of the community, to participate in the administration of justice.

It can also make presentments on crime and maladministration in its area. Grand Jury is empowered to issue a mandate to the Board to do their job or face the consequences of criminal charges.

 Because of Covid this Grand Jury has agreed to remain seated until December. Ours is a simple case.  They should be able to handle it and complete it before December.   I’m hoping.

Sending you all so much love and hugs and for best best wishes coming  true.  It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood.


We done good people.  Real real good. So so proud.  We have done a lot, made a difference and survived this extraordinary time in history. It has been an absolute pleasure and joy being on this journey with all of you. I am realizing so many of you have been here from the start – 9 years.   Wow.  Where do we go from here?  Oh I have plans. Big plans.  Happy Glorious Beautiful New Year.  So much Love.

SLO Clean Water Newsletter #79-Alive and Well

A field of Sunflowers is just a field of happy. They just seem to be saying, “So happy to be alive.” Sending you a field of happy for openers.
Greetings my dear dear friends of SLO Clean Water – couple of announcements

Housing for Hua Anwar. A vital loving force in our community.
Resource guide on co-vid 19
This put together by Brittany of “Where there Once was water” Fame.  It is beautiful. Full of information about who, what, where, when and how.  Thank You Brittany. She updates regularly.

Now what’s happening?
I have been ‘trying’  to put this newsletter together for a long long time. Just goes to show trying is not what it takes to get things done. Doing it is what gets it done.  Quick update. Have moved from South Street (10 years) to Augusta to High Street all in SLO. Could say I have been on the move.  Loving the new place and the landlord loves plants too. Oh happy days are here again.

I am on furlough from Bed Bath and Beyond and in the mean time am working as a ranch manager for United Cerebral Palsy teaching special needs persons how to grow a business growing fruits, veggies and chickens. Got raised wicking beds growing Shiso, Japanese mustard (tastes like wasabi oh yum) cut and come again lettuce, longevity spinach, moringa, luffa, sorrel and burdock root in straw bales and put all our peppers and tomatoes (what I call the Salsa garden) in wicking containers behind a fenced area to keep the cotton picking ground squirrels at bay.  It’s a 10 acre ranch and they are using our pollinator garden as grand central. It’s war.

We had our first farmers market last Saturday and it was a roaring success. A good time was had by all. Special needs producing specialty crops is a great match. So thank you my dear friends some of whom have been wondering where I disappeared to. Been here the whole time “trying” to get this newsletter out and bring everyone up to date.

I have not lessened my death grip on the fracking industry and there is much to report.  Let me just highlight a couple of things that should affect you like a field of sunflowers. Sunflowers you say. O.k.

Happy happy joy joy.


As Oil Price Plummets, Call To Nationalize Industry Rises

The price of oil dropped below zero, minus $35 a barrel to be exact, prompting new subsidies from the Federal Reserve. Progressive voices in the U.S. and Canada have a different idea: nationalization as a way to wind down the sector, tackle the climate crisis and create a just economic transition. Hay day is over from $120 a barrel to minus $35 a barrel.  That’s sweet but can’t rest-still a ways to go. They are going to get dirtier, meaner and nastier in their desperation to get bailed out. But we still can relish this moment.  Just have to make sure we make their last moments here on this earth an absolute misery. No mercy.  We have the upper hand at this point.

Second. (more sunflower news yay)

On April 15, Judge Brian Morris nullified water-crossing permits in Montana that were granted for the Keystone XL, a major setback for the long-embattled tar sands oil pipeline. The ruling came just days after Keystone XL owner TC Energy, formerly known as TransCanada, obtained billions of dollars in subsidies from the Alberta government as global oil prices plummeted.

The legal precedent set in the Keystone XL case is already playing out in federal courts.

On April 30, the Sierra Club filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas against the Army Corps of Engineers over another controversial pipeline. The complaint says the Army Corps did not comply with NEPA in issuing a Nationwide Permit 12 to the 428-mile Permian Highway gas pipeline. Things are looking up my friends.  We have been waiting a long time and things will never be the same for the fracking industry.

Now what’s happening locally?

Gov. Newsom is playing fast and loose with his commitment to ban fracking in the State. He has actually approved, since he took office in Jan. 2019,  as many permits as greasy Brown approved in his last year in office. That would be 6,168. Shameful. I have sent him a letter reading him the riot act. We are not playing this game again.
And a new well has popped up at the AGOF. 

Been in contact with the SLO county planning Dept and County Board of Supervisors about this and several other points of interest like, Is the oil field up and running? Do they have a mandatory UIC Class I permit to dump?  Who and how was the new well approved? No hearings? No notice? Not good.
The questions are all rhetorical of course because I have checked and there is no record of any UIC permits issued to the AGOF.  Have to ask them though just for the record. And this is all illegal and unlawful criminal activity. I know you have all heard that before and nothing happened.  Well, I really believe and feel this time is going to be different.  Got a few other irons in the fire but will wait till I get a confirmation before I post more sunflowers. Just want to reassure you that I am on this till the end. Thank you for your patience.

We are really living a moment in time that has never never happened before. The world has never been globally attached at the hip like it is right now and there are some extraordinary things happening.  People are coming together like never before. Communities are reaching out to each other and making things happen and really acting like solid, upstanding human beings that you can be proud to call your friends and neighbors. So much is about just doing the right thing and not waiting for permission to do it. Just doing it.  It took a freaking pandemic to wake us up out of our stupor and start asking questions and getting involved in this thing called living.  If we count our blessings instead of sheep we have really made the best of this lock down and should come out of it with a fresh, new and improved way of being happy and feeling oh so grateful to be a part of this transformation.

And now for one last happy happy, you guessed it, sunflower to send you with so much love.


This is up close and personal and look at the florets arranged in that natural sacred geometry thing. Perfect. Nature is just a freaking miracle.  I hope these happy little miracles made you smile. I was smiling the whole time I was writing this.

These are the articles on new well, oil prices and Newsom