BOS Resolution

San Luis Obispo County Resolution to adopt a Countywide Ban on enhanced, unconventional, high intensity, well stimulation, AKA Hydraulic Fracturing.


Whereas, water is life, sacred, fundamental, universal, and the essence upon which all life on Earth exists; and


Whereas, our human existence, our prosperity, health, safety and well-being depends on the availability of clean water; and


Whereas, the water-poor state of California, prone to drought, already uses in excess of five times the amount of available water; and;


Whereas, Hydraulic Fracturing, AKA fracking, AKA, extreme unconventional, high intensity, enhanced, well stimulation oil and gas drilling, wastes copious and massive amounts of fresh water; and


Whereas, Hydraulic Fracturing to include the terms, “induced hydraulic fracturing, “hydofracturing” high-pressure, well stimulation methods, including but not limited to hydraulic, vapor, steam, or gaseous fracturing, acidization and other high pressure stimulation related to the exploration for, or extraction and production of, fossil fuels; and


Whereas, the term shall also refer to all processes and activities including “horizontal” or “directional” drilling, related to the exploration for, or extraction and production of, fossil fuels when any pressure stimulation methods are employed; and


Whereas, Hydraulic Fracturing can unintentionally and indiscriminately unearth, disturb, disrupt, activate, release, embedded radioactive materials, gas, oil, and violate ancient underground rock formations and underground bio spheres; and


Whereas, Hydraulic fracturing has been known to cause earthquakes; and


Whereas, San Luis Obispo County is situated within an active earthquake fault zone; and


Whereas, Hydraulic Fracturing poses a constant threat and fear that toxic waste by-products will seep, travel, percolate, meander, mingle, transverse and inadvertently come in contact with our precious groundwater, aquifers, streams, eco systems; and


Whereas, Hydraulic Fracturing cannot offer a single benefit to enhance our shared values and common resources, promote the quiet, peaceful, enjoyment of our surroundings, or perpetuate a sense of safety and well being: and


Whereas, human survival on planet Earth relies upon governmental policies that insure water is used as a primary source for the people and general welfare of the community; and


Whereas, the oil and gas drilling industry have refused to comply with the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, Safe Drinking Water Act, Comprehensive Environmental Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (Superfund), National Environmental Policy Act and Section 313, Toxic Release Inventory (TRI)

of the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act of 1986,


Therefore, We, the elected representatives of the County of San Luis Obispo, duty bound to protect and preserve the inherent intrinsic values of this community, with all due respect to our land, water, air do faithfully support this resolution.
Signed:                                 Dated:









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