Are We Crazy?

Original Lawmakers were just a hand full of crazy volunteers too and look what they were able to do? They told one of the most powerful countries in the world to bugger off. Writing a local ordinance is in our genes. We come by it naturally.

People don’t make laws. Lawmakers make laws. That’s what I thought too until I heard about the Crazy people in Mount Shasta that wrote a water ordinance that kept Coca Cola and Pepsi from staking claim to All of their water for a bottling plant.

Or, Santa Monica that passed the Food Sustainability ordinance.

And then there are a hundred other crazy communities just like us writing Food Bill of Rights and Local Self Government Ordinance, Tamaqua Borough Sewage Sludge Ordinance [This is the FIRST legislation ever to recognize the Inalienable Right of Natural Communities and Ecosystems to Exist and Flourish (Rights of Nature) and was the model for language included in the National Constitution of Ecuador recognizing the Rights of Nature (RON)]. 

More Crazy people writing laws that made chemical and toxic trespass a criminal act with severe penalties. And who do these crazy people writing ordinances that ban Hydraulic Fracturing think they are anyway?  We are living in a crazy world.  More crazies…..

Las Vegas, New Mexico is doing it

Vermont is doing it

Seattle is doing it

D.C. is doing it

Letterman is doing

Jimmy Fallon is doing it

 500 Artist and Musicians are doing it


Ohio passes the worst Fracturing Ban in the United States


Define Crazy

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