First, let me dedicate this newsletter in loving memory to Fred Collins who devoted his life to righting wrongs and giving a voice to the voiceless. We are carrying on Fred’s legacy and can feel his energy and divine intervention.
Thank you for blazing this trail for us Fred.  In celebration of a life devoted to caring with all his heart


Now, going to bookend the beginning and the end of this newsletter with something that hopefully will bring a smile to your lips and glide you along in anxious anticipation of the end.   

Hitting the pavement running.

2nd  BOS has been very busy ignoring our right to a healthy and safe environment and putting this entire community at risk with toxic contaminated air and water.

After 6 years and a lot of underhanded shenanigans the BOS is responding to the Center for Biological Diversity’s appeal.  All this comes to a head on Tues, Oct. 19 BOS, in person, wear masks, meeting, 9 am in chambers @ 1055 Monterey, SLO. I will attach CBD’s talking points below to keep this as short and sweet as possible. This is a recent victory for CBD and is a BIG Deal.  THIS IS GREAT MOMENTUM GOING FORWARD.  We can do Great.

If anyone has 3 minutes they could donate to my 3 minutes I could enter into the record a compliant that I filed with the Department of Justice calling out our Board for civil right violations.  Just another level of criminal activity by our BOS.  If I talk real fast and don’t breathe it is 5:42.   Just fill out a speaker sheet on Tuesday and give it to the Clerk and before Tuesday email me you are donating your 3 minutes to me so I can reference it when I am called or if you are called first can pass it onto me when I am called. Thank you.  Just need one.  I can do a cliff note version no worries.  Between CBD and citizen action we got this Board between a rock and a hard place.  

4th Statewide ballot proposition for November 2022. Please pass this on to any other groups or organizations you know so they can pass it onto their members.

This is a first for me. Never put out a DO NOT SIGN THIS PETITION ALERT. So here it is.  It is the ultimate WATER grab that puts a national organization in charge of our water and can override our local and state agencies. I don’t think so. This is toxic legislation. Don’t sign. If they don’t get enough signatures it will not be on the ballot. The Water Infrastructure Funding Act of 2022

It is a proposition for the Nov 2022 ballot and from the same people who brought us the recent recall + Poseidon and the Resnicks, who murdered hundreds of native Paso oaks  (Fiji Water, Pom, etc) without so much as a mother may I.  Resnicks very cozy with the PAC. Guilt by association. Oh yea.

Petitioners are well funded so the signature gatherers will be paid per signature.

The name of the proposition: The Water Infrastructure Funding Act of 2022   DO NOT SIGN.

And finally, I was driving to Trader Joes in SLO yesterday and Bob Banner popped into my head as I passed by Creekside mobile home park.  And it just so happens 9 years ago today Oct 12, 2012 we held a Democracy School at the Creekside Club House courtesy of Bob Banner who donated the space. Bob was a very integral part of this community. I miss his presence.  The park must have some of his residual energy. He is living in Oregon. Making a difference in his new community I am sure.  Join me in sending him best wishes and an avalanche of supercalifragilisticexpialidocious  ideas.
and finally, Join me in sending Love and healing Light to Jules London.

As promised a happy ending. Keep smiling. Have fun.

So much love.



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