UPDATE: Marking the 6 year anniversary of a community committed to protecting and safeguarding its water and air for itself and future generations.

to boardofsups@co.slo.ca.us

To the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors:

  In every case of irreversible and irreparable harm, damage and suffering perpetrated on a trusting and obedient constituency there is an elected official governing body willfully and with intent refusing to enforce and uphold local, State or Federal Safety and Health rules, laws, regulations and Codes.

  In every case where the public’s trust has been breached by elected officials who refuse to hold certain ‘preferential’ businesses to Health and Safety codes that guarantee the prevention of undue harm, death and suffering on the general public at large, there is a public elected governing body allowing it to happen by refusing to do their job of upholding and enforcing Safety and Health Codes, rules and regulations on behalf of those they have vowed to protect.

  In every case where constituent’s voices are silenced, ignored, dismissed and thereby relegated to second class citizen status there is a governing body trespassing on our unalienable and Constitutional right to be heard, recognized and respected as persons with inherent, intrinsic value and worth entitled to equal protection and justice under the law. We know we have rights.

In every case of these most violent transgressions of willful abuse of power by refusing to enforce compliance with Health and Safety Codes mandated by Law in regards to the Arroyo Grande Oil Field, owner operator Sentinel Peak Resources LLC, we the people of San Luis Obispo County are holding you, the San Luis Obispo County lead agency directly responsible for endangering the lives and livelihoods of children, elderly, students, agriculture, retail businesses and all living sentient beings that are absolutely dependent on a clean, safe, unencumbered  healthy access to water and air that most assuredly is being compromised, jeopardized, vandalized and terrorized by your willful intent to allow illegal and unlawful activity to transpire at the AGOF. 

We can cite many transgressions that can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you are in violation of enforcement of those Health and Safety Codes that guarantee our safety and well being and therefore must in good faith take it upon ourselves to alert the proper authorities for our own safety and well being.

So please regard this as your third and final notice to bring the AGOF into compliance with:

         1) Code of Federal Regulations Title 40 section 144.11 et al Class I Underground Injection Control per RCRA disposal of toxic waste into earthquake fault zones relative to eleven plus wells cited by Federal and State EPA as non compliant and which an aquifer exemption does not preclude compliance and

           2) State compliance with the plugging and securing of 40 plus abandon wells at the AGOF which jeopardizes the safety of our ground water with contamination of toxic uncontrolled, unknown, unregulated, chemical substances and puts the burden of compliance on the county at a cost of up to one million dollars per well that we as a community did not agree or sign onto and

           3) The failure of the Governing Board and lead Agency, the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors, to hold public hearings on the Conditional Use permit for the AGOF and

           4) Thereby allowing Sentinel Peak Resources, LLC to operate within our boundaries without any input from those that will be directly impacted physically, financially and
constitutionally constitutes fraudulent criminal trespass by elected officials on our Constitutional human right to be safe and secure in our living environment.

           5) Finally we regard the moral and ethical assault on our well being by this Board of Supervisors to be an act that gravely violates the sentiment and accepted standards of this community.  We regard the Board’s conduct to be contrary to this community’s standards of justice, honesty, and good morals. Crimes involving moral turpitude have an inherent quality of baseness, vileness, and depravity with respect to a person’s duty to another or to society in general.

  So in conclusion please be advised that you have until Monday October 18, 2021 to rectify these transgressions by notifying Sentinel to cease and desist operations until and when they have met and satisfied all local, State and Federal Safety and Health Codes.   You have had at the very least 6 years to do your job that honors and respects those you have been put in charge of protecting with enforcement of Health and Safety codes that ensure and guarantee our well being.

  Your intent to honor this rightful and legal demand within that time frame would be appreciated if, however, you choose otherwise then on October 19, 2021 this demand will be forwarded to the Department of Justice as a formal complaint against the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors.  And we will be asking for your resignation in lieu of criminal charges forthcoming.
  Thank you,
Jean’ne Blackwell
resident/ constituent/concerned citizen
September 23, 2021