Hugs and Kisses update.

Jean’ne’s Hugs and Kisses Campaign

We are at $2,220 and 22 days to go.  This is so freaking exciting.  If all the parties of interest, everyone that uses water, could share this I think that would put us in the pink and make us court worthy. To all those who have donated you are doing us so proud. Thank you!!!!

Meeting with attorneys. Getting a legal team together.  It is happening. Did a tweet to a couple of celebs to get their support Mark Ruffalo, Ellen, DiCapro, Josh Fox and Robert Redford.  Also contacted Erin Brockovich.   Tweeting is a lot easier than trying to find their physical contact info that’s for sure. If you want to play this twitterpated game,  oh yea,  Tweet the link Jean’ne’s Hugs and Kisses campaign  and invite them to join in. (can you hash tag that?).  I think everyone on that list knows and loves SLO too so letting them know about our fundraiser to keep SLO safe and getting elected officials to do their job might be appreciated.  Maybe someone will even do a matching funds. xoxo to all ❤❤❤


If FB is not your thing you can send a donation to our beloved fiscal sponsor Ecologistics @
633 Ramona Ave., Space 103, Los Osos, CA 93402.  Make sure and mention it is for Hugs and Kisses or just put some xoxo on your donation.


So Pruitt’s out and Wheeler’s In.  A coal lobbyist heading up the EPA.  wow. We aren’t even pretending anymore that this whole appointee thing can be the ultimate abuse of power and corrupt to the core.

  • Can you imagine the conniption fits that would be going on if real environmentalist like Annie Leonard from Greenpeace or Michael Brune from Sierra Club or Environmental Attorney Don Hornstein or Bill McKibben got nominated?  The thought is just too delicious. Needed something to get my head out of the omg doldrums.  And since we thought of it it is possible!It really feels so very very good to be sharing this moment with everyone. It feels good because you just know in your heart it is the right thing to do and it is going to make a difference.  It has been a heck of a journey.  We are going to take this to a point where elected officials can not summarily and routinely dismiss and ignore our basic fundamental concerns without some consequences.  That’s the hope so hold that thought. Magic is in the air. xoxo


Jean’ne’s Hugs and Kisses Campaign



Jean’ne’s Hugs and Kisses Campaign

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​A couple of angels could do a fly by…… just saying

I have never really fund raised for SLO Clean Water before.  We have worked together for 6 years or more on the issue of halting the illegal and unlawful dumping of toxic waste in the unincorporated areas of SLO County that has been in progress for over 15 years.

We have donated and volunteered our time and energies to a lot of campaigns, calls to action, petition drives, marches, road trips, rallies, town hall meetings, democracy school, lobbying elected officials en mass and one on one that has always proven to be above and beyond. But I have never asked for the big bucks like I am now. ​

I guess I was waiting for the right moment and wanted to make sure we only had to do this money raising thing once.

So this is it. The right moment. A fundraiser that is going to put an end to this habitually obscene travesty of toxic dumping in our backyard.  Enough is enough.

With the nearly constant barrage of life threatening circumstances we are faced with daily by this administration and Mother Nature which requires our undivided attention, we cannot keep up this resistance and maintain our persistence of halting toxic dumping with the same unwavering strength and energy.  It is time to turn our hard earned collective energies over to someone that can do whatever it takes to get the job done and done right.

It is time to lawyer up and put this fight into the hands of those who are going to see it to the end without missing a beat.  We have everything we need legally, morally and ethically. All that remains to get this done is funds to pay for court costs and legal fees.   We have the law on our side and it is time to put it to work for us.  It is going to earn us our freedom from fossil fuels.

Let the local BOS wanabes do their dance.  We are partnering up with some legal eagles that have some moves that will make heads spin.

So, on the issue of halting the illegal and unlawful dumping of toxic waste in the Arroyo Grande Oil fields please donate to Jean’ne’s Hugs and Kisses Campaign  All donations go to legal fees and court cost and are tax deducible thanks to our beloved fiscal sponsors Ecologistics.

If anybody has contact info for Barbara Streisand, Ellen, Leonardo DiCaprio, David Crosby, Alex Trebek, Lady Gaga, Robert Redford, Willie Nelson or Mark Ruffalo do feel free to pass this on. Want to give anyone a chance to donate to a really good cause and help a lot of people in the process. Freedom from fossil fuel is a really good cause.  Sign up here.

Jean’ne’s Hugs and Kisses Campaign