Newsletter #71- What happens when elected officials don’t do their job?  What are we going to do about it?

Newsletter #71- What happens when elected officials don’t do their job? What are we going to do about it?

Happy Valentine’s Day 2018

​Love Rules-

How do I love thee let me count the ways? The sun, the moon, the stars, the water, the air, the forest and trees, the birds and the bees, fish in the sea. Home sweet home.  I am in love with nature.

New York City residents gave their Mayor Bill de Blasio a Great Big Valentine for filing a lawsuit against 5 major oil companies. Maybe next year we will be able to do something like that.  In the mean time we have some officials we need to rock their world because they are not doing their job we are not proud of them and that is just not o.k.  We deserve better.

MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY DIDN’T DO THEIR JOB and failed to RESPOND TO over 300 COMPLAINTS  OF SEXUAL ABUSE FILED BY GYMNASTS AND THE ABUSE FLOURISHED UNDER THE WATCHFUL EYES OF OFFICIALS.  Over 300 complaints. Over 300 request to be heard denied by officials exercising with knowledge and intent – a betrayal of a sacred trust to protect.   What happens when officials don’t do their job? Wrongdoing goes unpunished.  Basic fundamental rights guaranteed all persons is abandoned and irreversible and irreparable damage is imposed on innocent people.  That is not going to happen here.
What happens when officials don’t do their job? People die.

Driller in Oklahoma Explosion Has History of Deadly Accidents, Safety Violations and workers complaints go unheeded and 11 die because OSHA and regulatory agencies ignored complaints.

In Richmond California when Chevron ignored 3700 violations and DOGGR failed to act on the violations  15,000 people where sickened and hospitalized when the refinery exploded and sent toxic flumes in every direction for miles.

Chevron ignored a decade of warnings before Richmond refinery …

The Safety Board … said Chevron did not act upon six recommendations over 10 years to increase inspection and replace the line at its Richmond, California, refinery with upgraded pipe.


Refugio. Aliso Canyon. Guadalupe a 30 year cover up of the largest oil spill in CA history.

The oil industry in California is self regulated. That means any spills, accidents or rule violations that threaten their bottom line and profitability is automatically ignored and goes unreported. The oil industry has a history of lying and violating industry standards and practices. That’s why these things happen and innocent people are left unprotected and totally at the mercy of unscrupulous, careless, heartless, ruthless, antisocial, antibeing things that we created.  Corporate beings are a figment of our greed and selfish behavior. This is not o.k. This is unacceptable. This has to change.

Oil industry has failed to comply with rules and regulations and just dares an understaffed, underfunded regulatory agency to catch them if they can.  No respect for rules and regulations. Common courtesy.   And it is really of little or no consequence if they are caught red handed because the penalty for violations is fixed into the cost of doing business and subsided by the American taxpayers.  Oil doesn’t care that lives are ruined and destroyed nor do some  elected officials we entrusted to keep us safe.   The hardship, heartache, disruption of lives and livelihood could all be avoided if officials did their job and responded to and enforced violations and followed up on complaints filed by workers, whistleblowers and victims.  It is our job to make sure they are doing their jobs.

What do you do when officials refuse to listen to their constituents?  We want to know why our Board of Supervisors is allowing an undocumented oil operation  to continue to dump toxic hazardous waste into the unincorporated areas of SLO County.  A complaint has been filed with the  EPA, DOGGR and Water Resource Control Board and petitions delivered to the Board of Supervisors to shut down the illegal wells in the Arroyo Grande Oil Fields.  The complaints have been ignored.

The oil fields have never been certified a safe toxic waste disposal site according to the Underground Injection Control program. Arroyo Grande Oil Fields  do not have a mandatory EPA registration # that certifies the toxic waste disposal site safe for 10,000 years or until the toxic ingredients are rendered inert whichever comes first.

The shut down is on our Board of Supervisors whose job it is to make sure the contractors are properly licensed and the site is an authorized and certified hazardous waste disposal site. Its simple. If it isn’t certified it doesn’t get a permit. It isn’t certified. It’s simple. No permit.

Our Board has for over 20 years been harboring, aiding and abetting illegal and unlawful activity. We have begged and pleaded with the Board to remove the threatening, abusive, invasive, assaulting element from our sacred place.  This is not rocket science. Show us the documentation from the EPA that the Oil Field is a certified hazardous waste disposal site or shut the place down as promised by DOGGR and EPA. And just to be clear. An exemption of an aquifer is not a license to dispose of hazardous waste. One does not preclude the other.  So to the Board of Supervisors I don’t know what you are waiting for but we are done waiting.  Shut down the illegal operation at the Arroyo Grande Oil Field or we will revoke your license to represent us.


A Freedom of Information request for the EPA registration # for the Arroyo Grande Oil has been filed with the EPA on  Feb. 6.  Records at the SLO Planning Dept. that should have the registration # on file if in fact the field is registered couldn’t find anything.

This is a classic example of failure of officials to do their job and to act on complaints.   NOT o.k.


It is o.k. if we say NO to stinky, smelly, dirty, ugly, sickening, intrusive, abusive, unwelcomed toxic disposal in our backyard. Hundreds of municipalities across the United States have honored and respected the peoples choice to not have ticking time bombs in their backyard.

The Mayor of New York is suing 5 major Oil companies for damages caused by Hurricane Sandy. It’s a climate change thing and they are make their case.  Kudos for New York. Our Attorney General has filed 21 lawsuits against President Trump for environmental violations. But will not enforce his own directive to shut down unlicensed wells.  We have sent 5 complaints to Attorney General Becerra to shut down the illegal wells that failed to meet the Feb. 15, 2017 deadline. He has failed to recognize our concerns.  Why?   And then there are those like our Board of Supervisors who have decided to go rogue and ignore our objections, our complaints of abuse of power and assault on our lives and livelihood.  This is NOT o.k.

And how do you say this is not o.k. in a tone and language our officials  can understand? We are declaring our sacred love and commitment to our homes, our children and the next generations.  We can and will make a legal declaration that is recognized and acknowledged in a court of law and where the abuse of power and assault by public officials is recognized, acknowledged and punished.


So that is what you do when officials don’t do their jobs. You let the courts do our talking for us in a language the officials can not ignore.


Do you want to see what happens when a community is summarily ignored by their elected officials and environmental agencies?

Thank you John

John Bolenbaugh of Kalamazoo Michigan is on a mission to prevent a deadly disaster that happened in their town from happening to anyone else. He has documented and answered the question what happens when officials don’t do their job?  Would like to invite everyone to come and see a documentary called The Big Oil Whistleblower on Tuesday Feb. 20,2018 at the SLO Library at 7pm.


The Big Oil Whistleblower is going to tell us what to expect from an oil company if they get their hands on our land and permits to drill and local officials let them.   All we have to do is listen, take what these good, honest hardworking, people are telling us to heart  to prevent an inevitable disaster in our own backyard.  These good people have nothing to gain by telling us their story and the truth and John is doing it at great risk to his own life and family.

They don’t have to share this with us but they care. They got screwed by the oil company, the government, the EPA, and all those government agencies that are suppose to be looking out for our safety health and well being.  If they knew then what they know now this would be a whole different story. We don’t have to repeat their mistakes. We can take care of business BEFORE it becomes a disaster.


Here is an excerpt from the show.

“Only about 30% of the oil spills are reported because they just say it is being maintenance. They profit from the oil spills.  They want the oil spills. For 5 years they knew there is a crack in it [pipeline] if they shut it down they would lose 8 million dollars a day so what they do is just squeeze out that revenue for 5 years until it does spill then that insurance company hires them to clean up their own mess…”


 And honestly it is not like we haven’t heard it before by Josh Fox, Calvin Tillman, Ray Kemble, Native Americans. The tale of the oil industry in America is as ugly as it gets and it always ends in a disaster.  Who are you going to believe? Come to the show and let’s make plans to deliver a petition or two.    And deliver an ultimatum or three.


and in the mean time……
Let DOGGR know you expect them to make good on their promise to shut down all the undocumented fugitive wells operating on their watch. Is DOGGR going to ignore the complaints again?  We are making our case. Ignoring us is NOT an option.  Complaint form

Let the Attorney General know we know he can shut down those wells and we expect him to do it.  Have contacted him 5 times. All the responses were a form letter giving us the bums rush.  Making our case. Not o.k.

Xavier Becerra
Attorney General

And you can sign the  MoveOn petition to the Attorney General and Board of Supervisors. This was already delivered to the Attorney General who summarily dismissed it.  So we can do it again and it will be going to the Board of Supervisors as well.   We are making our case that our elected officials don’t listen to us and that is not o.k. Ignoring us is NOT an option.  Every refusal by our Board to ignore  our complaints  is satisfying a court prerequisite to prove we made the demand and it was ignored.

SHUT DOWN THOSE WELLS  sign the petition

Same goes for the Water Boards – let them know we are not o.k. with their nonchalant attitude of implementation of directives.

I contacted Toxic Substances Control letting them know we have concerns about the undocumented dumping of toxic waste in our backyard.  They got back to me and said this was all on DOGGR.

Department of Toxic Substances ControlDepartment of Toxic Substances Control

And you can give the Board of Supervisors one last official chance to do their job and shut down those illegal wells.  No responds is a refusal to respond.  Making our case.

John Peschong

Chair, 1st District Supervisor
(805) 781-4491

Here is a sample letter I wrote to all of the above.

Why aren’t you enforcing the Feb 15, 2017 shut down deadline?  We want to know. The community of San Luis Obispo wants to know. Eleven of the 1650 wells were on that shut down deadline and we were relying on you to follow through and shut them down if they failed to meet the deadline. They failed to meet the deadline and you failed to enforce. We want to know why?  We will read your responses  at a public meeting and decide what our next step will be to insure our safety health and well being.  To date over $15 billion dollars is due and owning the taxpayers of California in penalties. Whose responsibility is it to collect on those penalties? We want to know.

We want an answer by Feb 19, 2018 and no response from you by that date will be regarded as a refusal to answer and reported as such. It will be regarded as an intent to ignore and disregard our complaint with full knowledge that that is your intent.

An exemption of an aquifer is not a license to dump hazardous toxic waste in the unincorporated areas of San Luis Obispo. Any attempt to allow that activity will be regarded as a clear and present danger to our safety and well being and a breach of a sacred trust bestowed on our elected officials.

Thank you,


Come to the showing of the Big Oil Whistleblower on Tuesday  Feb. 20 at the SLO Public Library at 7pm. We will invite a response from the officials we have contacted. We will let you know what they did or did not say.

This film is about Enbridge oil. Seven years later and Enbridge is still in the news and Kalamazoo is still trying to get officials to listen. We are not going to let this happen to us. Flint Michigan still doesn’t have clean water. Puerto Rico is still struggling because officials are not listening.  We are vowing that the Arroyo Grande Oil Fields will not be permitted by our Board of Supervisors until it is certified by the EPA as a Class I waste disposal site.  And we are going to be going into drought mode again. And this time we are going to make sure that the Arroyo Grande Oil Fields are complying with emergency drought water allocations.  They got away with it last time but this time is going to be different.  That’s a promise.

The oil industry lies.

The oil industry has a long history of pushing forward recklessly in the pursuit of profit and then claiming ignorance when things go wrong, resulting in “unique” disasters.

After the deadly Bakken oil train disaster at Lac-Mégantic, Quebec, the industry assured the public that Bakken oil was safe and no different than other oils. That was wrong. That was a lie.

When the Sanchi was initially on fire The Washington Post reported that the Chinese government said that much of the oil “would probably evaporate in hours.” That was wrong. That was a lie.

And the oil industry continues to claim that diluted bitumen floats in water and is no different to clean up than other oils — despite the scientific and real world evidence showing this isn’t true.

Oil lies.  We absolutely must dump this crazy ass fossil fuel mentality and any SLO county supervisors that don’t see a problem with partnering up with unlicensed, untrustworthy contractors and wants to protect jobs that get people killed and destroys the entire landscape of this county. They are out of here by hook or crook.

Peschong must recuse himself because Phillips 66 has a pipeline at the field and Sentinel is a paid member of the Western States Petroleum Association a former employer of Peschong.





We are partnering up with Food and Water Watch people who are  looking to promote, aid and assist local grassroots organizations  anyway they can. One way is getting signatures on petitions that they will send out to their network. A call to action to get people to a rally, BOS meeting , they are there.   Have sent them the petitions.  They are on it.


Also Climate Change Hawks is very impressed with our signature gathering for the take no oil money pledge that they are promoting all our local candidates and signers and giving them a shout out at conventions and on their network.  We have a lot of work to do and a lot of support and there is something for everyone to do.  The Victory party is going to be a humdinger because everyone  that worked on this is invited.  This little ripple is turning into a tidal wave. FORE.  Oh that’s golf. Never mind.

O.k. dear lovers of this place we call home and visitors that love coming here just one last thing for today.


A get well card for one of our Supervisors who is needing to know we care

Supervisor Hill


See you Tuesday Feb. 20, 2018 SLO library 7pm

Much much love.


Opinion: How to hold politicians accountable

Opinion: How to hold politicians accountable

Every time a community tries to ban fracking to protect their water and environment the oil companies immediately threatens to file a lawsuit against the community claiming it is infringing on their right to earn a living. 9 times out of 10 all they have to do is threaten to sue and the leaders lay down and play dead and approve permits they know are going to be nothing but trouble down the road but are scared shit less to do anything about it. Or are paid to take heed of the threat or pay the consequences. Oil industry can make good on their threats.

So rather than ban fracking and infringing on their right to screw us over it is well within our purview to approving the permit on the condition that the operators and operation meets or exceeds all the State and Federal Regulations for disposal of toxic hazardous waste. We reserve the right to refuse to issue any permit to any operator that does not meet State and Federal licensing requirements and the site is not on the Federal registry as a hazardous waste disposal site.

The oil companies can not then claim we are infringing on their right to frack because we aren’t. They can frack away. What we are saying is that a condition precedent to getting a permit to frack or drill by means of any unconventional oil extraction process is that they have a license from the proper State and Federal Agencies to manufacture hazardous waste according to Code of Federal Regulations and a Bill of Lading designating the disposal of that manufactured hazardous waste to an official registered hazardous waste disposal site.

To date the Arroyo Grande Oil Fields are none of the above and Sentinel is not a licensed manufacturer of hazardous waste.

It would be well within our rights as taxpaying citizens and residents of this county to insist our elected officials do due diligence and deny any permits that are not properly licensed. We do have a case against any official body that fails or neglects to abide by and comply with State and Federal Rules and Regulation. After all we do have some rights too that we have been ignoring and that is our fault.

And just a p.s. here. An aquifer exemption is irrelevant and of no consequence to the permitting process.

Whereas an aquifer exemption declares a water source to be unfit for consumption is one thing. Getting a license to dispose of hazardous waste into that aquifer is a whole other process entirely and are not one in the same. One does not preclude the other.

An exemption is not an license to dump nor does it automatically qualify and register the site as an official hazardous waste disposal site.

So, I think it is time to think about who is going to be suing who for infringements on our rights to clean air and water and rights to be free from the fear of threats to our lives and livelihood by irresponsible, neglectful and belligerent elected officials who are not doing their job and following the rules that insure our safety health and well being.

If the oil industry has the right to file a writ of mandate against our elected officials then doesn’t that mean we have at the very lest the same right as a citizen and resident of this county?   I guess we will see. Have an APB out for attorneys to look at this.