Newsletter #65 – Its a court thing.

Hard to keep the spirits up with so many life shattering events in the news. So let me begin this newsletter with something completely different and for no other reason than it was an event that didn’t make the news but did lift the spirits.

Needing something besides a quart of vanilla ice cream and lemoncello to lift my spirits this did the trick.  It’s just 2 minutes long and zero calories.

Patsy Cline High School Reunion Lip Sync   

Hope that helped a little and got a smile.  And on that note, hold that thought and lets take it one step further with some good news.

The Center for Biological Diversity is making a case on June 15, right here in “River City” on behalf of the law -The Rule of Right- that DOGGR and Freeport McMoRan messed up and did a wrong thing by allowing the dumping of toxic waste in our backyard and is asking the court to make it right.

Making it right means halting the illegal dumping now and in the future until and when compliance with the very strict State and Federal safe dumping standards are met.

Sounds simple right? Well, here comes the good part where we all come into play with a song in our hearts and can make a real difference by simply showing up.

This hearing on Thursday, June 15, is a biggy folks. Unlike all our many unanswered pleas and begging of DOGGR, our Board of Supervisors and even the Governor of our State to do the right thing and nothing happened, this is different. Our pleas are now in the hands of the court and when the court speaks everybody listens and things happen or else.

We will want to be there and hear what the court has to say.

So this is a cordial invite to one and all to bear witness to a happening.

On Thursday, June 15, the happening begins at 8:00 a.m. on the steps of the Palm Street entrance to the San Luis Obispo County Courthouse.

Our presence on the steps at 8:00 a.m. and in the courtroom at 9:00 a.m. is a validation of our right to be heard, recognized and acknowledged and nobody can take that away from us.

This is the first day of the rest of our lives. The court is hearing our pleas and everyone has to listen.  A prayer is being answered. We need to be there. The public hearing starts at 9:00 a.m.

So, with everything that is going on in our lives right now and there is a lot and it is all important, if you had to make a choice about what is going to have the greatest impact today on our tomorrows, let it be this day Thursday, June 15 at 8:00 a.m. at the Palm Street entrance to the courthouse.  These kinds of happenings don’t happen everyday. Showing up to this hearing is so worthy of your every effort to make it happen.

Thank you folks for being here.

Now just one more thing most deserving of our attention.


In loving Memory of



David J. Sneed

A champion of journalistic excellence, David Sneed, passed away on May 29.  “Dave wrote for The Tribune for 20 years, covering the environment and major county issues, ranging from the Paso Robles groundwater crisis to seismic and safety concerns at Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant. He was known for his keen analysis and ability to explain complex issues in clear, straightforward language.” So loved and respected he will truly be missed. Sincerest condolences to the family.  Here is a link for more information.