SLO Planning Commission agrees to move forward with Phillips 66 spur

So, we can regard this unofficial, official approval by our planning commission to be an invitation to all gross polluters in the State looking for a safe haven to come to San Luis Obispo County. Come one come all.

It’s a free for all.

You are more than welcome to dump your toxic waste into  our aquifers and spew your suffocating emissions into the air and please feel free be as reckless and careless with your process as you need to be. You will get no opposition from us, your  trusty, lean and mean loilists who approve your permits.  We embrace and delight in your unrequited, insatiable love of money.  We are one. We are blood.

So what do you do when begging and pleading for mercy fails? What do you do when facts, data, reports, peer reviews, expert testimony in support of denial is of no consequence?

“I think the risk is greater by hauling by truck and a pipeline than it is on train,” said Commissioner Jim Harrison.

Thank you Mr. Harrison but that has nothing whatsoever to do with what is before this commission. That observation is moot. Irrelevant. Null and void.

How very thoughtful, presumptuous, arrogant and totally out of line for you to assume that truck transport or a pipeline was even an option for your consideration. Keeping it in the ground is also an option you neglected to consider. But then again that’s not your call.

The job of this commission was to determine if the rail spur was going to adversely impact the peaceful, quiet enjoyment of our community. Going to infringe on our right to be free from the fear of accidents, spills, explosions and suffocating, debilitating air emissions.

Commissioner Jim Irving spoke about the money it would bring to the area as opposed to what other countries are doing.

Thank you Mr. Irving for making it perfectly clear you support Blood money. And is it the people in other countries rising up against leadership who support Blood money that you don’t care about? Or is it countries whose leadership support the people and have denied the conditional use of people and communities as collateral damage, you don’t care about?

Because it sure sounds like you turned a deaf ear to a room full of local people and thousands of comments and letters from community leaders, teachers, nurses, physicians, students, residents, children, concerned citizens, peer reviews across this State and nation calling for an end to the reckless, relentless, terrifying invasion and intrusion on our safety, health and well being.

Where is the humanity and sense of compassion and concern for the value and worth of living, breathing beings?

So so disappointed in the lack of understanding of priorities and absence of courage to do the right thing.

Worst is the loss of trust and confidence in a board of our peers to do what they know in their heart is the right thing to do, safety first.

I guess this just proves Blood is thicker than water and Bad Blood is still gross and deadly.