Newsletter #32 Where is all the water going that we are conserving?

Quick update on the Rally in Santa Barbara yesterday.  Activist “owned Santa Barbara today.”
Next,Just heard this on Pandora (actually my son heard it and passed it on).

City of San Luis is putting on a Water Forum at the Ludwig Center Thursday May 28 5pm-8pm Discussion  Water: Fact or Fiction @ 6:30.  There wasn’t a speaker agenda so don’t really know who is talking about what. I will have a couple of questions though. Maybe you do too.Where is all the water going that we are conserving? 20% cutback in home usage could add up to millions of gallons. Will that buy us some time? NASA reported we only have 10 months of stored water left.  20% saved could buy us a couple of months of water. And how exactly are we going to collect on all this saved water?

I would hate to think that I am saving this water for a rainy day and it ends up going to someone who didn’t save a drop. I am thinking new construction and worst yet our precious saved water is going to a non essential, secondary, industrial production like oil drilling that is asking for a 3 fold increase in its water usage.  And that leads to the bigger question what about the county and all the water in the unincorporated areas? I’ll get to that in a moment.

The other question is about the fines for wasting water $500? Who collects those fines and where does the money go?  General Fund? Water fund? Utility company? Maybe these questions will be answered. I hope so. Here’s the link for more info.
water forum
And remember Denton,Texas where Fracking first began and they just passed an ordinance to ban it?

Local ban nullified by state; fracking resumes in Denton

“As for the grass-roots fight in Denton against fracking, Frack Free Denton President Adam Briggle said that will continue.

We cannot say how this story will unfold, but we do know this dark chapter shall not be the last one written,” he said.”

Believe it or not this ruling is very helpful in the construct of our next move here in SLO county. But I am truly sorry to hear about Denton. We might send them some words of encouragement and support. We are all in this together so here’s a  Frack Free Denton link to let them know we care and are pulling for them.

Think our next move is a countywide moratorium on non essential water use for oil extraction. Non essential water use is defined as: water uses that are not essential nor required for the protection of public, health, safety, and welfare. Under this definition, irrigation of landscape areas, including parks, athletic fields, and golf courses, washing cars, washing down sidewalks, filling swimming pools, fountains are non essential use and restricted or moratoriums issued.

Some of these protocols have already been implemented in cities and counties across the State.  But there is one very blaring, critical omission on this list of non essential water use. Water used to extract oil.

Since there is no mention of water used to extract oil and in particular oil extraction that is exempt from the Clean Water and Safe Drinking Water Acts, we need to add that to the list of non essential water use and implement a moratorium on it.

Currently Freeport at the Arroyo Grande Oil Fields is extracting 384,600,000 gallons of fresh water that is used to extract a hazardous and toxic product, oil and the water used is then reclassified as a hazardous waste because it came in contact with benzene, radioactive isotopes, hydrogen sulfide, etc and poses a real threat to the safety, health and well being of all water. The threat is, this hazardous waste is re injected back into the ground where it can infect the essential ground water. And once the water is infected life gets very very difficult and not fun real fast.

The Board of Supervisors is the lead agency and has the final say on this issue of essential and non essential water use in the unincorporated areas of this county.  The final say –  a moratorium issued on non essential water use to extract oil within San Luis Obispo County.There is just so much water to go around, this is an emergency situation and it needs an emergency response.  A moratorium that plugs up a loophole and secures our water for essential use is an appropriate first response to an emergency.   And, it is not a ban on fracking or oil drilling. It is a moratorium on non essential water use. And, it is following the Gov.’s order to cutback and conserve water and to treat every drop like it was our last.

If you agree this is what needs to happen here sign the petition share it like crazy with friends, enemies, strangers and then wait to get the all-hands-on-deck call to the Board of Supervisors meeting to delivery it.Click here to add your name:

EMERGENCY MORATORIUM on non-essential stored water use for oil extraction

I will have the petition to sign at the premier showing of Split Estate  this Tuesday May 26, 7-9 pm at the Steynberg Gallery and also at the Community Water Forum on Thursday 5-8pm at the Ludwig center.
Hearing faints sounds from the fat lady in the wings tuning up.
Making memories on this Memorial Day 2015.
Best Always,

Opinion – San Luis Obispo is having an identity crisis

Trying to keep up with all that is going on in this county right now is mind boggling. I took a moment to reflect.

SLO County is having an identity crisis.


The 2012 Chevron fire and explosion in Richmond California is an excellent example of how an industry thrives on a crisis it creates. The world watched. It was like watching an old Seinfeld rerun we had seen for the umpteenth time.  Dodging the bullet is the industry’s modus operandi and while the governing boards are well aware of the conditions and terms of their agreement, which does indeed stipulate the industry is not liable, they tend to look the other way and hope nobody dies or anything happens that would expose their indiscretions.


Not until a disaster of this magnitude does the community realize they have been duped into believing everything was going to be fine just fine.  This is not to say though that the community does not bear some responsibility for allowing the indiscretions to prevail.


Now the community is united and up in arms.  Now they are demanding restitution and transparency. Unfortunately for those that died, homes destroyed, health forever impaired, restitution is impossible. If they had to do it all over again and know what they know today they would have done things quite differently.


SLO County is having an identity crisis. We are at an apex in our existence. Recognized world wide as leaders in fine wines, quaint get-aways, one of a kind views and vistas that only nature can provide, commingled with an inviting and embracing community anxious to share in our good fortune is SLO’s hallmark.


This atmosphere of congeniality did not happen by accident. Every nook and cranny, view and vista, butterfly and horny toad sanctuary, oak and morning glory preserve, land conservancy acquisition, tucked away historical building and pit stop, visiting whales and even the inconspicuous but none the less critical marine habitat are championed by a vibrant, engaged, committed community intent on preserving and protecting the ambiance that makes us who we are.


And then, quite unexpectedly, we were discovered by alien forces and not in a way that perpetuates our quality of life but rather challenges it to the core.


Accident prone bomb trains slithering into our midst, immune, exempt-ridden oil drillers seeking refuge in our protected, precious aquifers, convicted criminals of mass deception, Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant demanding permanent resident status, all converging upon us at once, all demanding an audience with the gatekeepers of our destiny, the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors.  The buck stops there.


The alien forces have formed a vortex and what happens next will define our existence for generations to come.  Clearly what is at stake here is two diametrically opposed forces, greed motivated profit and profit to sustain quality of life and lifestyles.


When the Board was approached with what would seem like an obvious no-brainer of a decision for elected officials sworn to uphold our safety, health and well being and a simple vote refusing to admit the inherently dangerous, bomb trains, nuclear power plant sitting on 12 faults lines that could be easily triggered by oil drilling operations a mere 5 miles away, drew instead blank stares and insincere platitudes.


We could take to heart all those who have suffered irreparable harm by unscrupulous and incorrigible industrial belligerence and act on it to prevent an instant replay in our community.


What if every man, woman and child that will most assuredly be adversely effected by bomb trains, toxic drinking water, suffocating air, is in the blast zone, sitting on top of a fault line, shows up on the steps of the County court house and delivers an open proclamation to our Board of Supervisors?  NO OIL TRAINS. NO OIL DRILLING. NO NUKES. NOT NOW. NOT EVER. JUST NO. NO MEANS NO.


We deliver the proclamation with a resolution demanding they sign it at the next Board of Supervisors meeting-effective immediately. We all show up for that too.  The world will be watching San Luis Obispo show how you become the change you want to see in the world.  This is who we are.

So that said folks let me just kind of top that off with an announcement about a documentary that was a game changer for communities where ever it was shown.  The truth has a way of doing that. The documentary is called Split Estate . All I had to do was mention to Bob Banner that we needed to see this and he took care of the details. Steynberg Gallery May 26, 7-9. Here’s the trailer and info.

Thank you all for being here and caring.


Newsletter #31 Premier Showing Split Estate- Fracking updates – a quip or two

Premier showing in our area – Split Estate Documentary – Game Changer
Emmy GOOD PITCH wild scenic new visions Tunisia Vail docuweeks 

“’Split Estate’ is an eye-opening examination of the consequences and conflicts that can arise between surface land owners in the western United States, and those who own and extract the energy and mineral rights below.  This film is of value to anyone wrestling with rational, sustainable energy policy while preserving the priceless elements of cultural heritage, private enterprise above-ground, and the precious health not only of people but the land itself.”—Bill Richardson, Governor of New Mexico
Your Property rights – Mineral rights – Water rights – Right to know – Federal laws, State regulations, Clean Air, Clean Water, Safe Drinking Water – All trumped by a Loophole you could drive the State of Texas through.

This is the game plan. This is how it plays out. How it ends is totally up to us. Following the show – Local Fracking Update  – discussion – call to action.

TUESDAY MAY 26 – Steynberg Gallery- 7-9 pm $10

Here’s the trailer

Aside from my morning coffee ritual I am not a very religious person.

But  I have to say this Pope Francis is talking my language.

Pope Francis has said global warming is “mostly” man-made and that humanity has a moral duty to stop it.
He had convened high -powered scientists, biologists, ethicists, etc to study for a number of years now.
His letter/encyclical instructing the faithful will be coming very soon.



Contact: For CNA: Tom Dunne, 510-219-9615. For ForestEthics: Eddie Scher, 415-863-4563 x 314. General: Beth Kean, 510 261 5524

Nurses Join Teachers, Parents and Students to Voice Opposition to
Phillips 66 Oil Train Project at Upcoming Events

Registered nurses will join with parents and students for three days of events opposing the Phillips 66 Oil Train Project, which starts this Thursday by urging the Templeton School Board to oppose the controversial Phillips 66 proposal to add five additional rail shipments a week of dirty tar sands crude oil through the center of San Luis Obispo County to Phillips’ Santa Maria refinery.

What: Sierra Vista Registered Nurses rally at railroad crossing near hospital
When: Monday, May 18, 3 p.m.
Where: Railroad Crossing at Foothill Blvd (near California Blvd), SLO

What: Cal Poly Students rally at campus rail crossing
When: Tuesday, May 19, 8:30 a.m.
Where: Railroad Crossing at Foothill Blvd (near California Blvd), SLO

What: Parents and teachers rally outside Lucia Mar School Board meeting
When: Tuesday, May 19, 6:45pm (meeting at 7 p.m.)
Where: 602 Orchard St., Arroyo Grande

The city of San Luis Obispo last month became the first in the county to declare its opposition to the Phillips 66 project. Cities and schools boards in blast zone communities north and south of the county have also sent in letters opposing Phillip 66’s oil train project.

“It is only by chance that an oil train derailment has not yet occurred in the heart of a major city, causing a major inferno, or on the bank of a river, spreading thousands of gallons of tar sands crude oil through a watershed, doing permanent damage,” said Andrew Christie, Director of the local chapter of the Sierra Club.

Noting the train runs right next to the Cal Poly campus, Soroush Aboutalebi, Cal Poly Environmental Management and Protection major, said, “We want Cal Poly President Armstrong to oppose the oil trains because of the risk they pose to our university.”

The Final Environmental Impact Report on the Phillips 66 project is expected soon. After the Planning Commission votes on the project, the appeal is voted on by the Board of Supervisors, followed by an appeal to the California Coastal Commission.

You are receiving this message from California Nurses Association.

From ​
​Bill Denneen​


If anyone is demonstrating at Phillips66 entrance  in May let me know day & time I will try my best to join U.
Bill Denneen, Nipomo, 929-3647

“D”  Day—-first Sunday in June——-at DANA Adobe
#1.  Bill Denneen will celebrate his 90th B Day
#2.  Actual even 70 years ago on Normandy Beach (I was 19 , a Navy Medic in England)

Here are the directions to the Refinery.  Thank you Gina W.  you are better than a GPS.

1) 101 South to AG 
2) Exit Halcyon Rd. Go straight on Halcyon Rd. through three signals and another 1/2 mile to end of Halcyon (4-way stop) where it ‘T’s into Hiway 1. (about 1.5-2 miles total). There, Halcyon  DOG LEGS  to the LEFT then immediately RIGHT, continues on a curvy way and climbs up on the AG mesa. 
3) At the top of Halcyon, you intersect Hiway 1 again. Turn RIGHT onto Hiway 1 toward Guadalupe, and continue to 2555 Willow Rd. The plant is at the intersection of Hiway 1 and Willow. It is on the Right.
  • SLO County supervisors deny Las Pilitas quarry 3-2 Arnold and Compton for.
  • Diablo News -Funds for safety went to utility execs’ pay instead, PUC president says

  • If you catch a whiff of that rotten egg sulfur smell when you are driving down around the Price Canyon area that’s bad. That’s escaping hydrogen sulfide gas from oil drilling and the Air Pollution Control District needs to know about it.  AQMD
    Ask them to report back to you.
  • Official petition to Brown?   He ignored it. It was an official administrative filing. Not the same as a court of public record. Brown seems to have  selective hearing loss where he goes stone deaf every time he hears the words BAN FRACKING.
  • NASA predicts we only have one year of stored water left.  Jerry Brown ordered California’s first-ever mandatory water cutback, imposing a 25 percent reduction to force residents and businesses to conserve. Yup that will save the day.  LEADERSHIP AWOL.
  • 11 wells at the Arroyo Grande Oil field illegally dumping waste water into the protected aquifer.  Solution. Take the aquifer off the protected list and let the dumping continue. Brilliant.
  • 5 counties and 11 municipalities in California have taken the law into their own hands and ban fracking. In every case where the oil industry threatened to sue they had to admit their lame arguments about property rights didn’t hold water and they baled.
  • AND, Humankind, is having a fashion show May 29. Tickets are $15 each. It really is a great event with good food, music, and fashions from responsible vendors. June Cockrane is selling tickets.  We love June.  🙂
And ending on a high note – A couple of Senior Computer Skill moments. I have had at least 3 of these.

Tech support:    What kind of computer do you have?
Customer:          A white one…
Tech support:    Click on the ‘my computer’ icon on to the left of the screen.
Customer:          Your left or my left?

Customer:         My keyboard  is not working anymore.
Tech support:    Are you sure it’s plugged into the computer?
Customer:          No. I can’t get behind the computer.
Tech support:    Pick up your keyboard and walk 10 paces back.
Customer:           OK
Tech support:    Did the keyboard come with you?
Customer:          Yes
Tech support:   That means the keyboard  is not plugged in.

Customer:            I can’t get on the Internet.
Tech support:      Are you sure you used the right password?
Customer:            Yes, I’m sure. I saw my colleague do it.
Tech  support:    Can you tell me what the password was?
Customer:           Five dots.

Customer:     I have a huge problem.   A friend has placed a screen saver on my computer,   but every time I move the mouse, it disappears.

Inline image 1