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San Luis Obispo Board of Supervisor

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1            Frank Mecham

2             Bruce Gibson

3             Adam Hill      

4             Caren Ray     

5             Debbie Arnold

Planning Board

Write them and tell them why you don’t want this smelly, noisy, dirty, ugly, sickening, water guzzling,, industrial Fracking monstrosity in your backyard. Enlighten them.

Subject line: Freeport/Price Canyon- Porter Ranch drilling permits

(805) 781-5600


Health Commission

Write them and tell them what you know of other communities with health issues that can not be ignored, such as Kern County, West Adams in LA, North Texas family awarded 2.9 million dollar after proving fracking made them sick. We don’t have to become victims to prove it is not healthy or safe. Common sense and the laws of probabiliy must prevail.

Subject line: Fracking and health

Attn: Chairperson:  Email Address:  Jane will get it to Lynn who is the Chairperson.

Water Resources Advisory Commission – WRAC

Here’s their Mission

  • To advise the County Board of Supervisors concerning all policy decisions relating to the water resources of the SLO County Flood Control & Water Conservation District.
  • To recommend to the Board specific water resource programs.
  • To recommend methods of financing water resource program.

    Thing is folks Fracking is slipping under the radar in this community and that could be very dangerous.  And we need to change that.

  • WRAC advises the Board. Get info to WRAC about Fracking and they have to get that info to the BOARD. But only if we force the issue and make a big deal out of it. Writing letters, calling them, letting them know this is a big deal is how we make it a big deal.    Sue Luft is WRAC chairperson: Our recommendation to the WRAC is don’t give Fracking permission to use one ounce of our precious water resources for fracking when the only by-product they will produce  is waste water.  That is truly money down the drain.

  • Contact info for Sue Luft WRAC Chairperson.

    Email  That is the public works email  Subject line  ATTN: Sue Luft WRAC – Water and Fracking

  • Here’s a nice little tidbit that is reason enough to shut down Fracking in SLO County. Freeport wants to expand operations to include 450 drilling wells. All drilling is enhanced at this point and uses billions – 8 billion gallons of water to extract 1 quarter of that amount in asphalt grade, tar sands type oil from Price Canyon oil field. It takes 23 barrels of water to produce 1 barrel of oil. There are 42 gallons in a barrel.

  • In a countywide  Phase II emergency water reduction mandate in place, where everyone is required to cutback water usage by 20%, where violators will be fined up to $500 for wasting even one gallon of water,  Freeport McRanRo is requesting a 300% INCREASE in their water usage and every single ounce of it will be wasted. They will produce 8 billion plus gallons of waste water. At $500 a gallon this county would be in fat city if the fines pertained to them. But wait. If the county approves those conditional use permits  to drill one of the conditions is Freeport does not have to comply with any of those restrictions, rules, regulations protecting, conserving our water or air or environment.

  • Such a deal but why?
  •  Those conditional, exploratory use permits are the key that gains oil entry to the all those exemptions and immunities under the Halliburton loophole.  The Halliburton Loophole states quite clearly and distinctly “don’t even think about asking us to comply with any of your stupid cost prohibitive, labor intensive, safeguards you are so overly protective and concerned about water, air, safety and health.  We got immunity. We got the gold ring.”  Well they almost have the gold ring but not quite.

  • They still need to go through the motions and have the Board  stamp their permission slip before they can legally take over. The Board of Supervisors is our first line of defense. We are counting on them, not entirely, just a little,  to send the Frackers packing and deny the permits. Some may cave and surrender to slick oil and that is what we are looking for now. Those slackers.   In which case if we find them we have a trump card. A plan B.

  • A  Community Bill of Rights and Water protection ordinance is our right to clean water and air and trumps oil’s right to pollute it. There are 15 other communities and 4 other counties in this State trumping the oil industry in their communities and winning with local ordinances.

  • So with our help and contribution lets see what WRAC comes up with as a recommendation to the Board of Supervisors on fracking in SLO county.

    Sue Luft WRAC Chairperson Email  That is the public works email  Subject line:

  • ATTN: Sue Luft WRAC – Water and Fracking

Organization Sign On Letter

Dear San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors:

We are strongly urging you to immediately ban hydraulic fracturing  used as an enhanced oil extraction method.

The growing body of evidence on the adverse health impacts from hydraulic fracturing in every area where it is in production demonstrates a clear and present danger to unavoidable, inescapable and constant exposure to toxic chemicals, air and water pollutants.

For the sake of our children and those that regard San Luis Obispo County as a treasured destination point it is imperative that you take strong, decisive action to protect their health and well being by banning hydraulic fracturing now!

Thank you.


Bob Banner – Hope Dance

Carl Meisser – Electrician

People of Faith for Justice

SLO Grange 639

Arroyo Clean Water Advocates

Terra Madre Foundation

Dana Gibson – Earth Lover

Sierra Club Nuclear Free Campaign

Citizens Climate Lobby

Empower Poly Coalition