Getting ready to Launch

Loved the Show Connections with James Burke.

He would take you back in history and connect the dots showing what would seem like a chance encounter of two totally unrelated events that changed the course of history.

It aired in 1979. Wow. It was to me then as mind blowing as the modern version, Cosmos, is to me now.  Just had to mention this because it so feels like one of those moments here, in our own backyard, that has all the potential of an inconspicuous chain of events about to unleash a very awesome display of cosmic good energy.

There has been snippets of good news about some changes in our thinking and attitude and that is going to change everything.  Nailing down a first is nailing down a moment when a shift occurs. Pretty exciting when you can not only watch history in the making but be part of the making of it.

First city in the State to ban Fracking.

Beverly Hills has a lot to brag about, guess they don’t want to add fracking to the list.

First jury Award against Fracking.

Legal rulings are much harder to cover up and deny that’s why this one is particularly sweet.

Nature doesn’t lie and here’s the proof.

Fracking causes earthquakes.  Earthquakes happen but knowing how to prevent man made ones is especially good to know.,0,4013877.story#axzz2ziwEf8SB
Talking how just one thing  can start turning things around, Rex Tillerson, CEO of Exxon, filed a lawsuit against fracking activity in his hometown. That was  a first. This is a second.  This is I what you call expert advice. This is a testament from a former Mobil Oil exec who knows the truth inside and out about the fracking industry. And he is saying…..

Safe Fracking is Impossible.

“Making fracking safe is simply not possible, not with the current technology, or with the inadequate regulations being proposed,” Louis Allstadt said at a press conference with Elected Officials to Protect New York, which has opposed lifting the state’s de facto moratorium on fracking.

I am attaching the  article from

safe fracking is impossible



Pulling together as one, in an instant, then disappear in an instant is like that very powerful, very elusive, very seemingly erratic, electron that orbits a nucleus connecting time and space. Or, is it just a flash mob? Call it what you will, this is our strategy for getting a ban in SLO County.  Meet at city councils and CSD meetings and call on our reps to ban fracking. Easy in, Easy out. Leave our mark. Then everybody reappears on May 20th at the  BOS to deliver the petitions, letters and calls on the Board of Supervisors for a countywide ban. We are no flash in the pan we are a flash with a plan.
We are all very busy and for good reason. There is a lot going on here and getting involved is what we do.  Hence, time is at a premium and scarce as hens teeth.  I can so appreciate that. I promise, I will not waste your time or ever ask you to do anything I couldn’t do. Need two 1 hour slots of your time coming up in May.  First,

Asking everyone to please attend  Los Osos CSD meeting on May 1. May Day. May Day. They are asking their Board to write a letter to the Board of Supervisors calling for a countywide ban on fracking. We need to pack the rafters. Without saying a word this sends a very loud message that we really care about this community and each other and we can mobilize in an instant. Just one hour. PLEASE Thurs.  May 1, 7 pm You don’t have to speak just be there.
Community Service District Board of Directors Regular Meeting Thursday MAY 1, 7:00 PM

2180 Palisades Avenue
Los Osos, CA


Los Osos Community Meeting Map  May 1 7pm
And for all those that cannot make THAT  meeting you have an option Paso Robles city council.
City Council Meeting

When:Tue, May 6, 7:30pm – 10:00pm

Where:City of Paso Robles Library Conference Room (map)

I would encourage those that want to ban fracking in this county to get to the Paso city council meeting and ask the council to call on the Board of Supervisors  for a countywide ban on fracking.

Somebody has to ask Paso city council to do this. Who knows, they may just be dying to be asked because Paso and surrounding area has more to lose than they will ever gain if fracking sets up shop here in the county.

There is just so much water to go around.  And it is a fact, fracking uses billions of gallons of water. For every 1 barrel of oil it takes 10 barrels of water.

Each oil rig, and there could be well over 600 if they get their wish, has a life expectancy of 40 years. Can we set aside enough water for them to stay in business for 40 years?

​Do we even want to do that? ​

​ If we can’t keep them in water, they are going to get it from somewhere by hook or crook.

Guaranteed every drop of water that is going for fracking is NOT going to farmers, growers, ranchers, businesses, property and homeowners.  So, all the other water issues aside, if we don’t take care of this water guzzling fracking issue right now, IT will take care of all the other water issues for us.
Here’s a nice little piece of information too. This shale oil is so bad.. How bad is it? It is so bad it is going to be used for asphalt. So I guess, the plan is  after we sell it to China and make California rich, SLO county taxpayers can buy it back at the retail price, shipping not included, to re pave the roads the frackers are tearing up carrying hundreds of tons a day of fracking products and by products all over our city streets and county roads. Brilliant plan. NOT.

​ I am no numbers expert but this just doesn’t add up, at least, for us.

Plan on going to at least one meeting and spend 1 hour and request a letter to the Board before May 20 when everybody shows up for the final hour on May 20.

We have waited 3 years to get to this point. So don’t miss this date. 3 years coming down to one hour ,6 pm. Don’t have to say anything but more than welcome to.  It is going to be an ​hour dedicated to our future.

Some loose ends and then we are done for now. ​

SB 1132 is calling for a moratorium on Fracking and Senator Monning is supporting it.  Thank you Senator. Asked the Senator if he would jot a note off to the Board of Supervisors to adopt a countywide ban. I think he is thinking about it. That would be very nice and much appreciated.

​ Feel free to do the same. ​

Something is cooking, an amendment to AB 2145, involves the utilities companies and our right to choose which energy sources we want.  It has to do with our CCA program. SLO Clean will keep us updated
More details on May 20th to follow but there isn’t much to figure out.  It is pretty simple. Show up.

Don’t forget May 1 Los Osos, CSD or May 6 Paso Robles.​


Happy  Earth Day every day


“Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.” – Edmund Burke, 18th century British statesman and philosopher