Taking it up a Notch

Delivered the Credo Mobilize petition with over a 1,000 signers to the City Council on Oct 15. It was met with reluctance but did get a response.
All the Council members agreed they do not want Fracking but they are slammed and suggested we come back with a formal request after the first of the year. Formal means get on the agenda.
Our request is for the SLO City Council, on behalf of the petitioners, residents, businesses, farmers, visitors, food community and students to recommend the Board of Supervisors adopt a countywide ban on Fracking.
Assistant Mayor, Kathy Smith, did say she would be open to writing a letter to the B of S. Took that as an open invitation and that is what we are working on now. Will make the letter presentation to the City Council BEFORE the end of the year.
Nice piece in the SLO City News. Am working on a correction to the gas reference. Sure I said oil.
Here is a report  Released by: Environment Texas Research and Policy Center. Fracking by the Numbers.
Notice California is NOT on this  list. We don’t what to be another statistic in this horror story.
 Offshore drilling nobody knew about this for over 2 decades. Oil companies violate the law all the time. They need 24 hour monitoring for regulations to be effective. Don’t give the oil industry permission to violate the law. Insure violations do not occur. Ever. Ban it.
Did a little tabling at the Cal Poly Soccer game against Davis last night host was 5R’s FC. Nice concept.
Here’s the tabling crew.  Heidi, yours truly, daughter Cassie (right) Anna and Carlos (from SLO Clean Energy) and Kevin.Inline image 1

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Neighbors to our left.  Thanks for the cookies Vickie.

O.k. that’s it for now folks. Get ready. We are looking to take this whole Ban Fracking thing up a notch. Everyone wanted a countywide ban from the start. Well, now we are going for it.   Need all the cities to agree to call on the Board of Supervisors to adopt a countywide ban on Fracking.  Are you ready to do this?  It is going to be at least 2 more years before California gets their act together. We can’t wait that long. We don’t have enough water or time.

Next step Bird Dog, means show up, at the San Luis Obispo City Council and respectfully state your position and ask the council  to write a letter calling on the  Board of Supervisors to adopt a countywide ban on Fracking.
The reason.  What happens in the unincorporated areas of this community happens to us all. Air and water do not know where the city limits begin and end. Fracking in the unincorporated areas will impact the surrounding municipalities.
The City Council holds regular meetings at 6:00 p.m. on the first and third Tuesdays of each month in the Council Chamber of City Hall, 990 Palm Street.Call them 805-781-7114
Fracking has a history of contaminating the air and water. Has a history of spills, fires, explosions.  Fracking on faults lines causes earthquakes.
This is our air, our water, our land, our oil, our life. All we have to do to make sure it stays that way is show up. What is water worth?  2 hours of your time a month?  Now’s the time folks. We are not going to get a second chance here to say no.
p.s. There are petitions to sign. Chefs against Fracking, Students against Fracking, Farmers against Fracking and Countywide Ban on Fracking,  Ban Fracking in California. click here
“10 people that speak make more noise than 10,000 that are silent. ” Napoleon Bonaparte

SLO County Residents, Chefs, Farmers, Students, Business owners, Food Community, Petition to Ban Fracking

Boo on Moonbeam.

California Governor Brown signed Senate Bill 4 into law.  This bill gives an unregulated industrial process, Hydraulic Fracturing, a 2 year free pass  to continue  to spill, dump, toxify and putrefy our air and water with undisclosed secret petro chemicals.

Hydraulic fracturing has a history of accidents , spills, fires, and work related deaths and injuries.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We can’t really afford an accident. And we don’t have any water to waste on Fracking.

Click on all the headings to get to the Petitions. Please sign and share all over the place.


To the San Luis Obispo Board Supervisors

Fracking is a toxic method of oil and gas extraction that involves blasting vast quantities of water and toxic chemicals deep underground–and it’s endangering countless Californians’ health, safety and livelihoods.

California Chefs Against Fracking

Petition circulating within the local communities calling on our Board of Supervisors to support a countywide ban on fracking:

We, the undersigned, are members of California’s professional food community — chefs, restaurant owners, brewers, winemakers, purveyors, processors, retailers, authors and educators — who are concerned about the potential impacts of fracking on our livelihoods and those who grow and produce the food we offer our customers, guests and families……….


We are circulating this one locally calling on the Board of Supervisors to Ban Fracking as well as Governor Brown:

We, the undersigned, are members of California’s agricultural community and are concerned about the potential impacts of fracking on our livelihoods. We are aware that the oil industry is planning to expand fracking throughout California to places where there has been robust agricultural production. Because of the potential risks to this production, we urge you to place a moratorium on fracking and undertake a comprehensive study on fracking’s potential impacts to California’s water, air, and soil……

Californians Against Fracking

Let this petition serve as a writ of mandate to our public officials to do their job to protect, preserve, promote and defend our health, well being and rights to a safe, clean, beneficial environment and issue an immediate cease and desist order on all hydraulic fracturing – “fracking” – activity to include issuance of exploratory gas and oil permits.

Fracking is an unregulated, lethal, toxic gas/oil extraction process exempted from the Clean Air, Clean Water, Clean Drinking Water, Superfund, Environmental Policy Acts. Exempt means ……..


There are 40,000 students in SLO.  They could IM this petition and do a students rising thing.

Hydraulic Fracturing is an inherently dangerous, federally exempted oil/gas extraction process. It violates our intrinsic values with unforgiving, known to be hazardous, toxic chemicals that infect the air we breathe and the water we drink.

It defaces and mutilates our natural environment causing irreparable harm to ancient underground rock formations, aquifers and precious groundwater.

Such reckless disregard for our future and the future of our planet is intolerable.

Fracturing and acidizing do not contribute a single benefit to our environmental well being.

We deserve better.

We can do better.

We, the undersigned, do hereby call on the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors and the Governor for the State of California to Ban Hydraulic Fracturing now and in so doing provide the leadership that insures prosperity, health and safety for our future and future generations. Thank you.


This one got delivered Oct 15.  And the deal here is we were asking the city council to join us in  calling on the San Luis Board of Supervisors to support a countywide ban of Fracking.  Drilling in the unincorporated areas is potentially far reaching, as a result of our shared resources, water, air, roadways and fault lines.  Morro Bay, Pismo, Grover, Paso, Atascardo, Templeton, Arroyo Grande, Nipomo need to do the same in their cities. We are all in this together.

Just to darn cute. Had to leave you with a smile.

Just to darn cute. Had to leave you with a smile.