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Ban Fracking in San Luis Obispo

Fracking Interview with CoastLine West

This was my first telephone interview. Be kind. Was scared to death. Can’t unring a bell and so I honestly don’t rememeber saying any of this. And all the uhs and ahs. Yikes. But nobody died so I guess I am calling  it a success. Couple of corrections: 35,000 wells, not 3,500 wells. And 14,000 new jobs within the last year, not several months.  Now this petition

This petition will be presented to the San Luis Obispo City Council in the form of a resolution to support a  ban on the practice of toxic and chemical trespass on our water, air and land by Hydraulic Fracturing.  A resolution is a non-binding legal document.  Anyone can sign this kind of petition.   You don’t have to be from the area or a registered voter. Which is what makes it different from an petition to get a initiative on the ballot.

A resolution is a formal expression of opinion.
– A firm decision to do or not to do something.
– A formal expression of opinion or intention agreed on by a legislative body or other formal meeting, typically after taking a vote. A majority vote by the council approves the Resolution. To turn that resolution into a legally binding document you write an ordinance.

An ordinance to ban fracking a legally binding  document that would make the toxic, chemical trespass on our water, air and land by Hydraulic Fracturing  a crime.

An ordinance is a law. The initiative process is how you get an ordinance  on the ballot where it is voted into law by the voters.  To get an initiative on the ballot you to have a certain number of registered voters sign a petition that says yes they want this initiative to get on the ballot for all registered voters to  vote on.

  That petition with all the signatures then goes to the city clerk who verifies every signature and that the correct number of registered voters has signed. Once the names and number are verified  the clerk certifies that the initiation process is valid and complete and changes the name from Initiative to Measure. Measures can have letter or numbers after them I don’t know how they determine that.  When I find out I will let you know.  It  then appears on the ballot in a special or general election with its new Title  -Measure W- Community Bill of Rights and Water Protection Ordinance.

Here is a template of  the local  ordinance to Ban Fracking.  Contact me, for more info.

Here is a petition to Ban Fracking that will go to Governor Brown and the State Legislature. Sign it and pass it on.

Here is the Grange resolution use it as a template if you like.

Here is a list of the Coalition and supporters. We are in very good company and just shows we are not going this alone.