Draft of our Clean Water Ordinance

Here is a draft of the ordinance. Working San Luis Obispo_City_Ordinance 04-11-13Ordinance to ban Fracking in San Luis Obispo.  It is for community review.  This is not the final product. This draft is for community review and input.

Since a city by city ordinance is the only way we are able to facilitate the county, a meeting of those persons interested in participating will take place on  To do all cities we will take the San Luis Ordinance and change the San Luis heading and internal references  to Paso Robles, Atascardo, Arroyo Grande, Morro Bay, Pismo, Grover Beach. This is a very unique approach to writing a ‘county’ ordinance.  Point persons can download  and print a copy of toolkit to pass an ordinance here. This sets the stage and gives a step by step plan on how we will proceed.

Everyone is busy and time is of the essence.  Your time is precious. Will not waste it.  After public review and input, point persons in place, will have the petitions vetted by the City Attorney. They have 30 days to get the petitions back to us. Print them up and distribute to the signature gatherers. After signatures are gathered will deliver the petitions to their proper city municipality where the required number of valid signatures will be validated by the city clerk and it will get assigned a measure number for the ballot.

We have been working with Global Exchange and The Community Rights Program which assists communities confronted by harmful corporate projects to assert their right to make important decisions that impact them by passing binding laws that place the rights of residents (and nature) above the claimed legal “rights” of corporations.