A Beautiful Thing. Community banning together BEFORE a disaster strikes.

firewaterHere we go folks!!!!! An opportunity to put our hopes and dreams of a safe, healthy, thriving and prosperous community into action.  Standing together as one to say without fear or intimidation our

 Water is NOT for Fracking.

Fracturing is a particularly  brutal process of harvesting extinct and latent organs from the bowels of the earth by administering lethal injections of toxic chemicals into the life support system shared by every living thing on earth. Water.  Once the lethal chemicals reaches the bloodstream there is no antidote. The process is irreversible and irreparable. We know this to be true because many communities across the United States who have experienced the process are speaking up. And that is what this California Rising Up tour is all about.
San Luis Obispo is rising UP. We are a host community  Quite an opportunity to look into our future. We are gathering ourselves together and meeting up to hear what exactly we can expect from the industry wanting to conduct a major operation here and what we can do about it.  Here is the Town Hall Meeting Flyer