Mission Statement

SLO Clean Water is an all volunteer community grassroots organization that is dedicated to the prevention of unconventional, enhanced,  exempted, dirty, ugly, smelly, toxic, oil extraction process in SLO County that uses billions of gallons of water  to manufacture a toxic waste that is being illegally and unlawfully dumped on site.

Enhanced oil extraction  uses billions of gallons of  water we don’t have and instantaneous renders it a hazardous waste with chemicals known to the State to cause cancer.  Freeport McMoRan is dumping  hazardous waste to include, benzene, toulene, hydrogen sulfide, radioactive isotopes into the sub soil where it can and will come in contact with other underground water sources. This threat will destroy San Luis Obispo’s tourist and agriculture business which is  over 2 billion dollars a year.

It is our duty and responsibility to insure the safety, health and well being of residents, home owners, businesses and visitors totally dependent on a thriving life supporting eco system by insisting our elected officials immediately impose, without exception, a ban on all entities exempted from the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act,  Safe Drinking Water Act, Superfund Act and Community-Right-to-Know Act, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, Superfund, National Environmental Policy Act.   To ban extraction of all water used for the manufacture of a toxic waste  and the prohibition of all dumping of that waste on site without approved, accredited, validated, waste site disposal certification.

We will do this by reminding  our Board of Supervisors their sworn duty to uphold the State mandated emergency water reduction and Countywide emergency mandate to reduce water  and upon their oath of office to keep SLO safe, healthy, economically and ecologically sound.

We will join hundreds of other communities in California, other States, other countries that have also found it in their best interest and well being to prevent  the suffocating air emissions, earthquakes, contaminated ground water, explosions, fires and spills by prohibiting  dirty, deadly, archaic oil extraction in their communities.

We will not be deterred, threatened or intimidated on our quest to protect and preserve  our water, air and  land for ourselves and all those that will inherit  the good earth we are willing them today.

You can join us today by signing one of the petitions above. You can sign up for the newsletter that will keep you updated on coming events and activities. You can donate your time, your efforts or dollars by clicking on the options to the right of this page. We welcome your participation. It is all important. It all counts and it will make a difference.

Thank you.

Jeanne Blackwell